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Self Care

Self care is the taking care of one’s own self. Though we may have several people beside us, it can be our family, or parents or our parents or even our life partners, but at the end of the day it is only us who remains with ourselves. We shouldn’t get dependent on anyone for our happiness. We should depend only on ourselves for our happiness because it is only us who knows ourselves better than anyone else in this world.

Different ways to have self care

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Reading books
  • Playing games
  • Going for a walk
  • Get connected with the nature
  • Taking out some me time
  • Do whatever makes one happy
  • Having a chat with a friend 
  • Solo travelling
  • Yoga
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Taking care of skin
  • Watching inspirational videos
  • Praying
  • Reading the holy books such as The Bhagavad Gita Quotes, The Bible, The Qur’an
  • Listening to music, and many more.

If one doesn’t feel right or feels that he or she may not feel connected to anybody or anything in the world and wants to pass time all by themselves then it is the time when they are in severe need of self care.

Exercising, yoga, going for a walk and meditation helps a lot in making our minds stable, calm and we are tend to connect more with the world. It is one of the finest way to have self care. The benefits of regular physical activity include weight control; reduced risk of chronic disease; strengthened bones and muscles; improved mental health; improved ability to participate in daily activities; and decreased mortality.

Hygiene is another important part of self-care maintenance. Hygienic behaviours include adequate sleep, regular oral care, and hand washing. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night can protect physical and mental health.

One may have the habit of reading books which help them to pass their time and indulge them in another world of books and the fiction stories where they are very apart from the world that they live in reality. It helps them to forget the irrationality that they undergo and get absorbed in the fictional imaginative world.

Listening to music has always been one of the best medication for dealing with loneliness. Listening to music of one’s own choices helps them to make their minds get relaxed and they feel like they are escaping from the cruel world and entering into a world where they can show self care to themselves. In order to have self care, if we listen to music then we feels afresh.

Motivational interviewing is a way to engage critical thinking in relation to self-care needs. Motivational interviewing uses an interviewing style that focuses on the individual’s goals in any context. Motivational interviewing is based on three psychological theories: cognitive dissonance, self-perception, and the transtheoretical model of change. Motivational interviewing is intended to enhance intrinsic motivation for change.

Solo travelling can also help in the course of self care. Exploring different places, different foods and different cultures can help a person to have a significant role in self care. Solo travelling also helps a person to connect more with the nature. They can feel the essence of the nature and it’s spiritualistic way to provide relaxation, refreshment , and motivation to lead a life full of happiness and also nature gives us the strength to deal with any type of failures boldly. Once one starts getting in touch with the nature, they are tend to explore themselves more, they realise many things which are significant for themselves.

Sleeping helps to reduce a lot of stress and it makes us feel refreshed and energetic, if we get proper amount of sleep. Sleeping has always been a way of showing self care. Sleeping feels like it is an escape from the reality and it helps to enter into a world of imaginations and dreams where we can be the author of the dreams and live life upto our imaginations. It helps one to forget about the bad things and makes us grow. After getting good sleep, apply face toner for glowing skin to feel confident.

The holy books if read properly then the person reading those will get a huge amount of knowledge and so they will develop more maturity, understanding, relaxations,calmness and more things. 

All these things help a person to have self care in a very significant and effective way. Self care is the most important thing in one’s life. Anyone’s first priority should be the person himself or herself only. The first thing they need to do is do whatever they want to do, do whatever that makes them happy and then nothing can stop them from attaining self care. Before making anyone happy it is the responsibility of one to make his or own self happy. 

For leading a good and extraordinary life, we need to have self care at the top priority list and after that anything else. If anytime, we feel that our self happiness is getting negatively affected by something or someone, we should move away from that person or that thing because nothing should be more important than anyone else.

If we can’t make ourselves happy then no one else can make ourselves happy. Self care is totally one’s own responsibility.

Self-care has been defined as the process of taking care of oneself with behaviours that promote health and active management of illness when it occurs.

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