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Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion, founded in 2005, provides a cloud-based EHR with a variety of integrated capabilities, including charting, e-prescribing, client scheduling, and more. Practice Fusion EMR is also fully licensed, so practices can benefit from CMS incentives. The iPad EMR interface, intended to be touchscreen optimized, enables users full access to appointments, records, and charting during patient contact because the solution is cloud-based.

Practice Fusion offers adjustable layouts that might be customized to a training’s work process. It is meant to accommodate various specialties, including cardiology, dermatology, physical therapy, mental health, internal medicine, and many others. Account managers and support professionals are available by live chat, phone, or email, and a learning center and help forum are open for those who want to learn on their own.

What are the Best Features of Practice Fusion EHR?

Medical Billing Capabilities

Medical billing is Practice Fusion EMR software’s most extensive module. It functions as a complete clinical practice solution. And it’s designed specifically for large-scale practices with massive administrative responsibilities. This provider uses a built-in coding guide to handle the entire revenue cycle effectively. To start with, it connects to the software’s EHR module. This unique feature relieves half of the staff’s workload by streamlining the filling-in procedure.

Bills are handled with care after computerized billing to assure 100 percent accuracy. They are then linked to client profiles so that they can be cleared online. Not only will it deal with bills, but it also investigates allegations. To reduce denial rates, the complete claim cycle is computerized. In this case, Practice Fusion EMR’s insurance verification feature is put to use. It makes the claim cleaning process go more smoothly.

Lab Integration

This is an essential element that aids in the delivery of high-quality care. Psychiatrists benefit greatly from Practice Fusion because it is developed explicitly for behavioral health practices. In addition, the program works with a large number of labs and healthcare facilities. This integration makes it easier to order tests and receive findings electronically. You don’t have to shift your employees around to gather test results. This allows your team to concentrate on the processes that require urgent attention.

The Practice Fusion EMR also has a dedicated lab interface. It aids in the reading of test results, but it also assists MRIs and CT scans, among other things. It greatly aids in delivering better treatment by enabling you to make well-informed diagnoses. It aids in the creation of effective treatment regimens. You can also send the reports to your clients directly. This serves as a means of alerting patients to their health status. They are more likely to take preventive actions as a result of this real-time information.

Patient Scheduling

Practice Fusion makes adding new clients to the device and scheduling appointments via email is simple. The appointment book is appealing and simple to use; you can start booking appointments within five minutes of signing up with Practice Fusion. The device also provides more advanced scheduling features, such as online appointment booking and computerized appointment reminders. If you use Patient Fusion for check-in, prospective patients may find you online, make appointments, complete questionnaires, and do other office tasks. This information will be recorded in their patient file on a regular basis.

EpicCare EMR

Epic Systems Corporation’s Epic EMR software is one of the most extensively used and serves more than 35 different healthcare disciplines. Users can adapt the Digital Health Records system to meet their specific demands and practice process. Physicians can check patients’ data and methodically document their results using the Epic EMR system’s main screen. Epic EHR software has a NoteWriter, allowing clinicians to record important notes while charting, increasing charting productivity. For future reference, these remarks can be coordinated with the patient’s clinical records. During the Epic EMR demo, you can see the feature in action. Epic EMR also has built-in Practice Management software for keeping track of finances, healthcare billing, and other operational tasks. The Epic EMR software is HIPAA-compliant and MACRA, MIPS, and Meaningful Use licensed. Gartner named Epic’s EHR system a category leader.

What are some of the Best Features of EpicCare EMR?

Patient Portal

MyChart, Epic’s EMR software’s patient interface, encourages patient participation and convenience. It’s available both online and as an Android or iOS app. Clients and their loved ones can use the portal to communicate with doctors, read discharge reports, schedule appointments, access educational information, and complete questionnaires. Patients can arrange meetings online using MyChart at a time and date suitable for them. Overall, both patients and physicians will benefit significantly from this feature. During the Epic EMR software demo, you can navigate across the site.

Electronic Prescriptions

Epic EMR Software provides consumers and doctors with a sophisticated electronic prescription tool. You may send prescriptions to your client’s favorite pharmacy with a single click using the electronic prescription feature. Furthermore, thanks to mobile accessibility, you can receive prescription refill requests.

This function, as per Epic EMR software reviews, also alerts users when medicine is possibly harmful. This safeguards the safety of your patients while also improving the quality of their care.


The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for patients to go to hospitals and clinics. To solve this problem, Epic EMR enables virtual visits via a telemedicine function. Even if you are not at your office, you can utilize this technology to conduct appointments with patients. Patients can also view these virtual appointments using the MyChart interface. Furthermore, because the EMR system is HIPAA-compliant, neither clinicians nor customers need to be worried about data theft or security breaches. This feature is one of the reasons why users believe Epic EMR Cost is worth what it offers.

Which Software Offers Better Features?

EpicCare EMR and Practice Fusion EMR are two excellent software solutions. Although both of them offer outstanding features to their customers, as per our research EpicCare has a slight edge. After going through countless Epic EMR reviews as well as Practice Fusion EHR reviews, we have come to the conclusion that which software is better depends on the type of practice. Since we don’t know the kind of practice you are working in, we can’t tell you which software to invest in. However, you can schedule an Epic EMR demo along with the Practice Fusion EMR demo to know which software would go well with your practice more!

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