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Pocket watches have been an affluent symbol for centuries and even today they still resemble a level of class and the symbol of a gentleman. Pocket watches are a lovely gift or investment for a watch lover as they provide a feeling of nostalgia and luxury. There is a lot more to the pocket watch than meets the eye and that is one of the reasons they are still so popular today.

The pocket watch was first invented by Peter Henlein a German watchmaker in 1510. He created it by utilising the most recent advancements in the mainsprings; this allowed to him create a smaller watch design that hadn’t been possible before this moment. This meant that his very first model was considerably smaller than any other, making it possible to be worn.

Pocket watches were at their height of popularity in the 1600’s during Charles ii reign where he introduced waistcoats into men’s fashion and began placing his watch inside his pocket. This is what caused the pocket watch to be associated with a high class level throughout the whole of Europe and North America.

The popularity of the pocket watch continued right through until the 1800’s where they began to have more intricate designs and features, making the pocket watch more expensive and was only affordable to the elite. However during the 1800’s standardised parts became more readily available to the general public and then the wristwatch entered the market in the late 1800’s. The pocket watch started to decline in popularity but came back again in the 1950’s and 1970’s where the three piece suit came back into fashion.

Today pocket watches are still a fashion statement when it comes to accessorising three piece suits. To add a bit of suave and sophistication to any occasion where a three piece suit, all you need to do is add a pocket watch, a handkerchief, some sunglasses and some fine jewellery and you’ve got an outfit that screams class.

There are plenty of different watch brands to choose from when it comes to finding the right pocket watch for you. Brands such as Sekonda, Rotary, Tissot and Accurist all have a fantastic selection with simple or exquisite designs that are a perfect addition to your watch collection and your outfit. We also stock a wonderful selection of second hand watches so be sure to check our pre owned collection for unique, one of a kind pocket watches that make a wonderful gift or treat.

Discover our Pocket watches and add a certain charm to your outfit with a vintage watch. Pocket watches are for men and women who enjoy the theatrical. An accessible style statement, pocket watches can be worn with jeans or a three-piece suit.Our collection contains an eclectic mix of antique pocket watches and modern pocket watches at accessible prices. Whether you’re searching for a gold or silver pocket watch of the full hunter or half hunter variety, we’re sure to have a pocket watch you’ll love here at House of Watches.

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