Planning To Climb Aconcagua? 6 Things You Need To Know

Climb Aconcagua

The intention to climb Aconcagua is impressive and highly rewarding if one can achieve it. Making it to the top is the aim of many climbers, but some people fail probably because their strength failed them or due to poor planning.

Are you reading this because it’s about time to tick the box for this activity? You have made the first move by researching what you should know before traveling to Argentina, where Aconcagua is.

Preparation is vital, and it can determine if you will have a mind-blowing experience at the mountain or not. Keep reading this post to discover the essential things as you plan to climb Aconcagua.

Here are six things to note if you plan to climb Aconcagua:

Cost of climbing Aconcagua

Whether one is traveling for fun or whatever purpose, money is the bedrock for making a successful move. Aconcagua expedition cost depends on certain factors; hence there is no specific cost.

Climbing Aconcagua is one of the most expensive activities, especially if you are not close to the location of the mountain. One will need to apply for a visa to enter the country and pay for the flight. The climber should also budget for transportation from the airport to the mountain, tour guide, buying or renting gear.

Another vital thing to include in the budget is the cost of a climbing permit because no one can climb Aconcagua without a license. The price is not regular; it is influenced by the year one visits and whether one is climbing with a guide. If you want a cheaper permit, the trick is to hire a guide.

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However, hiring a guide is not cheap, but you may need one if climbing for the first time. Even though it’s cheaper without a guide, you may find it tedious without one as a first-time climber. One needs the right outfits for this activity, which should be in the budget except you have them already.

The last and most important thing you should include in your budget is travel and mountaineering insurance. Some climbing operators at Aconcagua will demand it before one can climb. That’s because climbing this mountain is risky due to its height. Therefore, they want climbers to be covered.

Get trained

If you have not been climbing mountains before, there is no need to mention that you shouldn’t start with Aconcagua. Also, if you have been climbing before but you’ve had a long break, you need to start training for the expedition.

Embark on long day skiing trips to get used to high-altitude mountaineering and build endurance. Besides, training mainly in winter may enable you to withstand the cold on Aconcagua to some extent.

You may also include running in your training activities to boost your lung capacity a bit. Train yourself ahead to get fit for the task.

The right gear

While many successful climbers said the mountain is not technical, it could be cold and windy.

Therefore, before embarking on this journey, note down this list of gears; you will need to climb Aconcagua:

  • a short ice ax
  • latest steel 12-points crampons that have anti-balling plates
  • collapsible trekking poles
  • synthetic or wool socks
  • double boots for mountaineering and light hiking or trekking boots
  • full-sized gaiters(waterproof)
  • lightweight baselayer bottoms, and long-sleeved base layer tops
  • soft and hard wind shell jacket and pants
  • mid layer top
  • gloves and expedition mittens
  • climbing helmet
  • UV buff
  • Balaclava and lightweight sun hat
  • Glacier glasses
  • Ski goggles
  • Latest outdoor LED headlamp with spare batteries
  • 55-75- or 75-105-liter backpack
  • -20degree Fahrenheit sleeping bag
  • Inflatable sleeping bag
  • Water bottles and water treatment tools
  • Thermos
  • Fully insulated water bottle parkas
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It’s tedious to climb Aconcagua.

This shouldn’t be new to anyone aiming to climb Aconcagua. It’s a challenging mountain to climb but doable. Some people have climbed this mountain and others like Kilimanjaro; you can do it.

However, note that climbing to the top does not require any skill but mental and physical fitness. Besides that, bear in mind that you are likely to experience altitude sickness, which is one primary reason why many people don’t reach their peak.

Conditions like Acute Mountain Sickness are common. To prevent that, practice proper acclimatization during the activity.

Take it slow

It’s normal to be excited and eager to climb the mountain. However, it’s better to take things easy but steady to have a successful expedition.

Rest when your body demands it, eat, drink water at the right time. It’s advisable to opt for more extended expeditions as long as 21 days. That will enable you to have enough time to climb the mountain.


If you are sure you are prepared and fit for the task, book an appointment with your doctor. Get checked to be sure you are fit to climb a very high, cold, and windy mountain at this time.

Your doctor may prescribe painkiller medications or other personal prescriptions that won’t alter your performance on the mountain.


To save the cost of climbing Aconcagua, you may prefer to rent some of those gears. In addition, you should hire a porter that will relieve you of carrying a heavy backpack, which may limit your performance when climbing. Follow these tips to have a great experience on Aconcagua Mountain.

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