Planning the perfect Boy’s Night

Planning the perfect Boy's Night

It’s not just the girls who want to spend a really fun evening together, guys also need some typical male downtime every now and then. As the host, you should plan the evening or day well in advance so that everything fits. Here are our ideas for your boys’ night out!

First the food! This is how it gets really tasty

Food is usually the center of attention when people are together socially. Maybe your friends like a really hearty barbecue with all the trimmings. Or even a chipotle barbecue or, if you’re vegetarian, a vegetable feast over an open fire. If you prefer small plates, prepare a tasty finger food buffet, with little skewers, sandwiches and vegetable bites.

Of course, this should be accompanied by the appropriate drinks. If you want to make the evening more elegant, you can accompany the whole thing with champagne and wine or with cocktails. But good old beer can’t hurt either, nor can healthy fruit juices and maybe even smoothies. Remember: every man is different.

And now what to do with the evening?

One option is to just hang out together at home. Maybe together in front of the TV, watching a good movie that your girlfriends wouldn’t watch with you anyway. Or you can hang out in front of the console and play action games all night long. Anything that would really annoy the ladies at your side. Now you have the chance to really get into it and become a hero squad in your fantasy.

Alternatively, you can also turn to sports, no, not active, but in front of the display. It’s not just about watching some soccer or handball tournament, but also emotionally participating. This works especially well when you place one or the other sports bet and thus bring a certain stake into play. The best betting sites in Korea are listed by The well-known comparison portal provides interested parties with all the information they need to find the right provider. Just follow these paths, the service is non-binding and free of charge.

Fancy some “real” sport? Then get out there!

Alternatively, you can postpone dinner until later and first go somewhere where you can really let off steam. For example, plan a trip to the nearest trampoline park, soccer golf, paintball hall or karting. What exactly you do, depends on your personal preferences.

You might also want to hold your own tennis tournament or go climbing at the climbing park. In this case, you can also place bets, namely on yourself and everyone who is in the game. This will make your competitions even more exciting. In the end, you’ll even have two winners: the one who won in the sport – and the other one that betting luck follows. If they are not one and the same person.

Or better out into nature?

Another option is to go out into nature. You can barbecue at the campsite or at a barbecue site somewhere under the stars. Pitch your tents, swim in the lake, play badminton on the shore and gather around the campfire in the evening. Take a night hike in the woods with torches, practice your singing skills and enjoy this liberating time.

During the day you can organize events such as canoeing, rock climbing, kite flying or anything else that is feasible in your area. This will give the trip a special thrill.

Move your adventures to the urban jungle

If you don’t know much about trees, grass and mosquitoes, you might be drawn to the urban jungle. There are also many adventures waiting for you there, for example the many Escape Rooms that are growing like mushrooms everywhere. Or make a proper pub crawl, starting at your favorite pub. It is also possible to arrange a club night, preferably where they play your music.

Nighttime geocaching in the city can be hair-raisingly exciting, just give it a try. Download the appropriate app on your phone and go in search of hidden treasures that lie somewhere in the dark. This will add a touch of excitement to your evening together.

You might also enjoy meeting your girls again sometime, assuming each of you guys has one. Arrange to meet at a restaurant at a certain time, dine together and have a good time. Then you separate again or go out on the town together, just as you like. It will be fun in any case, if you put your whole heart into the event.

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