Perked up about Tanning? Here Are Some Safety Tips to Consider

Tanning is in. Everywhere, there is a raging craze for getting that perfect bronze-like tan and flaunting it in style! So, if you are planning to jump onto the bandwagon and head to a tanning salon of repute near you, you probably know about the tanning beds that will be assigned to you for every session. 


Tanning beds help in working up that coveted tan over a few sessions. However, they are also ridden with safety threats. There can be several risks associated with overexposure to tanning beds including skin cancers, serious burns, and so on. 


Does that mean you should not tan at all? Is there a way to achieve this safely? Well, there certainly is! We look at some of the ways in which you can use a tanning bed with complete safety, without having to worry about any risks. 


How to Use Tanning Beds Safely? 


Keep your Sessions Short with Ample Gaps In Between: The UV rays output of tanning beds is much more as compared to the sun. It could be as high as 12 times! Therefore, the time spent on tanning beds would have to be reduced in proportion, in order to avoid over-exposure. So keep your sessions short. Also, it is important to remember that damage caused by ultraviolet rays emitted by the bed is cumulative. Therefore, your sessions should not be too frequent. You need longer gaps in between your visits. 


Keep the Age Limit at 35: Recent studies have revealed that the dangers of developing skin cancers double up if there is an exposure to tanning beds below 35 years of age. So, ideally, you should not consider tanning before you hit 35. Wait till you are of age, look for sunless tanning near me, and get set go! 


Keep Eyes Protected: It is important to protect your eyes carefully when exposing yourself to the tanning bed. Eye injuries are common on tanning beds when kept unprotected. Choose goggles meant specifically for these sessions. 


Other Sensitive Areas Require Protection: Eyes are not the only part of the body requiring protection; sensitive areas also need to be protected. This includes paler areas of the body and those covered by the bathing suit. These areas can be covered by cloth. Sometimes, sunscreens may also be applied and then further protected by towels blocking UV rays. 


Steer Clear of Fragrances and Cosmetic Products: Although using fragrances and cosmetics outside of tanning beds may be harmless, using them on tanning beds may produce patchy results. A thick layer of artificial make-up can tamper with tanning results. Also, UV rays may react with deodorants and perfumes resulting in skin irritation. Make sure you exfoliate your skin prior to tanning, for superior results. 


Stick to Hygiene: Whenever you use a tanning bed, you need to be super vigilant about hygiene. There should be no dirt or grime on your bed. Consider choosing a facility that follows a standard set of protocols for safety and hygiene. Ask around for referrals and feedback before you choose. 


Never compromise on health and safety for something as superficial as a tan. Adopt a conservative approach while heading to a Coral Springs, FL tanning salon


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