Pass or Fail? Which Route Are You Taking?

Pass or Fail? Which Route Are You Taking?

Obtain the Grade You Desire

Follow this expert advice to reach your full potential, whether you’re a first-year student or an established student trying to improve.

Purchase a Recorder

University courses go quickly and demand that you take in a lot of information, but hastily taking notes with a pen and paper isn’t the best method to stay attentive.

In addition to preventing “gammy hand syndrome” from writing too quickly, recording the lecture lets you sit back and pay attention.

Additionally, you can (yay) go through the lecture again to ensure you comprehend the material.

Don’t miss out on those crucial quotes because you might only get one chance to hear them. Some essays may even ask you to quote a lecturer or guest speaker.

Your Best Friend is Your Tutor

Use your tutor’s expertise to your advantage because they are the ones who can provide you with the keys to a good grade.

Contact them by email or a scheduled meeting in their office if you have any questions.

I once entirely misread a task in my first year, which led to an unexpected 40% mark that could have been prevented with a simple discussion.

Make sure you are on the proper route even if you feel comfortable discussing your opinions.

Remember that a few small adjustments could mean the difference between an average and a good grade.

Strive for those additional points because no one likes to find out that a few sloppy assignments hurt their total grade!

Group Presentations: Carefully Choose Your Team

When choosing a team or partner for a group presentation, be wise.

Even though it can be instinctive to ask your friends for help, doing so could hurt your grade if they have a history of skipping class and appear to be losing hope of making it to the third year.

Choose ambitious people you know will contribute rather than those you are most familiar with.

I once gave a lecture to a mature student who wasn’t afraid to admit her desire for a first and wasn’t particularly interested in the social side of university life.

I worked on a topic completely out of my comfort zone, but effective communication and a strong work ethic finally led to a top grade.

Exercise Patience and Self-Compassion

Every student knows how much time is spent trying to clarify the meaning of complex sentences laced with unfamiliar terms.

Don’t worry if you feel a little bewildered as a new student when confronted with page after page of hard academic material.

Be prepared to spend some time evaluating the speech and invest in a good dictionary or thesaurus.

You’ll finally arrive.

Believe me.

Don’t give up because you think the university is too difficult because you won’t be writing like an academic for long.

I came close to doing it several times, but I’m confident you’ll succeed if you persevere and remain focused.

So, all you students out there, use these beneficial top recommendations to maximize your degree and earn a grade you can be proud of. Also, keep looking for a student recruitment agency to help you with student jobs, which will help you get extra marks for your degree!

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