Over 20 years, bodybuilders have used peptide treatmen


It’s a remedy for chronic and urgent public problems. Peptides are function-specific but not location-specific and well-tolerated, therefore they’ve swept the health industry. 60 FDA-approved peptides, 140 in clinical trials, and 500 in pre-clinical research.

Explain peptides. Peptides mimic the body’s signalling, neurotransmitters, hormones, and enzymes, making them lifestyle supplements. We’re letting our smart cells shine.

peptides are amino acid chains that form proteins. 191 amino acids make up growth hormone, a fitness and longevity peptide. [1] We only use 50-amino-acid peptides.
Obesity causes

Wondering how you gain or keep weight? Let’s focus on metabolism, glucose regulation, and hormones for now.

Carbohydrates boost blood sugar. It triggers pancreatic insulin secretion, which transfers glucose into liver and muscle cells. If you eat a lot of carbs, your body will store additional sugar as fat.

Adults’ endogenous GH drops 15% every decade. The growth hormone boosts metabolism, weight loss, heart health, exercise ability, muscle maintenance, and cognitive function. [2] Reduced GH decreases IGF-1 production, which affects fat, protein, and glucose metabolism. Both decreases show abdominal and visceral adiposity[3], which isn’t acceptable for body goals.

Environment, lifestyle, and age impact GH secretion. Low blood sugar, fasting, protein shortage, low free fatty acids, trauma, stress, excitement, and exercise stimulate GH.

Some peptides upregulate hGH production, sustaining metabolic health. Peptides promote health and physique. [4] Food, exercise, and lifestyle changes may help more than a “miracle pill”

We’ll discuss clinically-proven fat loss peptides and how they work. Try nasal peptides
7 fat-loss peptides

MOTS-c mimics mitochondrial workout. This peptide improves mitochondria, an important cell organelle. MOTS-c offers cell and system benefits. Physical performance, obesity, and longevity are compromised.

MOTS-c translocates into the nucleus to control gene expression. This boosts mitochondrial stress tolerance.

MOTSc boosts lipid beta-oxidation, thermogenic brown fat, high-fat diet fat loss, and glycolysis glucose absorption. [28,29,30]

MOTS-c boosts insulin sensitivity, energy, neuroprotection, and longevity. Mots-C boosts NAD+ and AMPk, which affect metabolism and longevity. [31]

Tesamorelin stimulates IGF-1 and reduces fat. It lowers c-reactive proteins, produced in the liver in response to inflammation and linked to health biomarkers. Tesamorelin enhances cognition in healthy Alzheimer’s risk individuals. [9] ApoE4 gene carriers should consider it. 152 people who self-administered Tesamorelin or a placebo had favourable cognitive results after 20 days. [10] Tesamorelin is used as Egrifta[11] to treat disease-related abdominal obesity. [12] Healthy people have less visceral fat, better insulin sensitivity, and lower triglycerides. [13] A double-blind placebo study decreased visceral abdominal fat for 52 weeks. [14]\ sAOD9604

AOD9604 lowers fat without negative effects. [5]

A Melbourne biotechnology company experimented on 300 obese patients in 2004. The 1mg dose quadrupled weight loss and improved cholesterol levels. [6]

This peptide decreases body weight, enhances fat oxidation, and promotes lipolysis in obese animals, according to animal studies. [7] AOD9604 may reduce weight quicker than diet and exercise. How fast effects materialise depends on lifestyle, genes, and metabolism. It’s a safe weight-loss peptide with little side effects.

Tesamorelin builds muscle. GH production diminishes with age, therefore this peptide works well for individuals 30+. Exercising increases GH.

The mildest GHRP. The best peptide doesn’t produce desensitisation, hunger, or excessive plasma growth. [5]
1395 (with DAC)

I compared CJC 1295 with and without DAC as various manufacturers make both. DAC-GHRH CJC 1295 (growth hormone stimulating hormone). CJC 1295 stimulates protein synthesis and muscle growth, DAC or not.

Some say CJC 1295 with DAC lasts longer. Others fear DAC’s extended release will cause uncontrolled hGH release. I practise functional medicine.

CJC 1295 with DAC increased growth hormone and IGF-1 without raising prolactin, leading to fat reduction and muscle mass via greater protein synthesis. [15]

CJC 1295 DAC prolongs hGH secretion and can be used briefly. Your dose timing doesn’t alter GH peaks, which is bad. If your blood sugar is high during a hGH peak, the benefits won’t be realised. Unknown CJC 1295 DAC lifespan effects. Jean Tremblay revealed in a podcast with Ben Greenfield that CJC 1296 DAC animals died miserably. [16] hGH increases might be to blame.

Clinically, CJC 1295 without DAC is best. To protect your safety, do your study and collaborate with an IPS member.

CJC 1295 boosts hGH and IGF-1, which reduces fat and builds muscle. Clinical studies show fat loss, muscle gain, and better lipid profiles without a prolactin spike. Slow-wave sleep enhances muscle repair and memory development.

Collagen elasticity? CJC 1295 heals skin.

CJC1295 effectiveness? CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin enhance fat loss and lean body mass. Next:\sIpamorelin

Ipamorelin boosts growth hormone production. [18] Users report weight loss, better sleep, mood, vigour, and growth hormone production. With CJC 1295. hGH production increases after a cycle, offering long-term benefits.

Ipamorelin promotes growth hormone production by mimicking ghrelin. [19] Ipamorelin doesn’t cause high cortisol or increased appetite, therefore it can be used for a number of issues. Ipamorelin helps people lose weight, boost metabolism, and improve body composition.

Mental and bodily degeneration result from a 15% drop in growth hormone per decade. hGH secretagogues may help athletes, gym-goers, and looks. [20]

28 amino acids comprise GHRP-6. HGH secretagogue increases muscle mass and decreases fat. [21]

It boosts GH and IGF-1, making it perfect for sportsmen and bodybuilders.

Men over 60 who took hGH for six months gained 8.8% lean body mass and lost 14% fat mass. GHRP-6 may improve muscle growth and decrease body fat in hypothyroid individuals by increasing hGH response. [23]

Tesofensine is a serotonin-noradrenaline-dopamine reuptake inhibitor. Tesofensine caused weight loss. [24] Researchers explored its ability to modulate fullness and appetite. Johns Hopkins Medicine is funding Tesofensine’s phase 3 FDA clinical trials. [25]

Tesofensine may lower weight twice as much as conventional weight-loss medicines, a two-week experiment found. [26] Clinical trial participants lost 25 lbs. Tesofensine is a “novel weight-loss drug” with little side effects. [27]

Hormone production isn’t always the problem. Age affects release. It’s hard to assess subtle improvements in a patient’s self-esteem and talents. Losing this rhythm impacts sleep, emotions, and attitudes. Self-image.

As a hypnotherapist who treats weight-loss patients, self-image is the biggest challenge. If you see yourself old, fat, past your prime, tired, and unattractive, you will be. If you see weight loss as effortless and enjoyable, you may reframe it as something you already are. This allows large changes.

Peptides aid. Rhythmic/pulsatile peptide delivery helps release hormones. It’s like rebuilding neural circuitry. This increases health and wellness.

3 weight-loss peptides are mainstays. Poor behaviour can’t be fixed. Any procedure requires health.


Most-studied weight-loss peptide. It’s reliable. Deep sleep improves after a week. After 2 weeks, skin will be hydrated. You may change form. 3 months for real weight loss.

After eating, self-inject this peptide. 5-and-2. The anterior pituitary secretes growth hormone, which enhances skin, deep wave sleep, muscular growth, fat burning, and immune system function.


This peptide lowers belly fat. Abdominal fat raises health risks. Tesamorelin raises HGH more than CJC/Ipamorelin. This peptide aids weight loss.


Only oral weight-loss peptide. These receptors are affected by this peptide. This raises HGH and reduces somatostatin. Mk-677 boosts muscular and fat loss. It makes Grehlin receptors hungry. This aids muscle growth.

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