Our Mission is to provide Ethical, Affordable, and Reliable COVID Testing

As the number of COVID-19 cases rise despite the lockdown. Many initiatives are in progress to decrease the COVID-19 patients by lowering the spread of the virus among people. The government pays attention to providing all required accessories that are used in the testing. Furthermore, the use of samples for screening is also being studied. By COVID travel testing negative individuals, the main agenda is to reduce reagent waste. It is really important to make it easier to complete more lateral flow antigen test for travel in less time. There is a need to undertake initial screening with ‘pooled samples’ before running RT-PCR assays.

Aim Mission is to provide Ethical, Affordable, and Reliable COVID Testing

  1. Limiting the Spread of Infection in the Country

The government of all countries hopes to relieve pressure on the health-care system. After all, they want to protect people’s lives, health, and jobs by preventing the virus’s spread.

  1. Ensure that Resources for Health and Medical Treatment

We make sure patients have all the resources they need while taking health care services. In addition, in this pandemic situation, we have increased staffing and protective equipment costs.

  1. Keep the Impact on Vital Services to a Minimum

Along with the COVID treatment we want to ensure that society can function properly from all aspects. We make necessary decisions so the health-care and food-supply systems for patients can continue to operate.

  1. Reduce the Impact on Individuals and Businesses

To reduce the impact of the financial crisis we have proposed the crisis packages in this pandemic situation. Our staff makes every effort to save the lives of all our patients.

  1. Ease of Mind
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We seek to make efficient decisions that can work properly in this critical circumstance. In addition to this, we provide all the required information for COVID and non-COVID patients to save their lives. Our activities, measures, and choices after all focused on saving the lives of every individual who comes for treatment.

  1. Take the Appropriate Actions at the Appropriate Times

We keep our careful eye on the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it is necessary to make the decisions at the appropriate time to limit the virus’s transmission. This will not only prevent its spread but also mitigate its effects on society.

Different Types of COVID Tests

COVID testing is categorized into two parts one is diagnostic tests and the other is antibody tests.

  • Tests for Diagnosis

COVID-19 is diagnosed in two different molecular testing and antigen testing diagnostic tests. In the case of Molecular analysis, it entails swabbing mucus from the back of your throat. In another words, you can swab deep within your nose. After this, the sample is then sent to a lab to be analyzed for the virus’s generic products. Moreover, COVID-19 testing is more accurate in the case of molecular assays. But this test is examined by a lab and takes a long time to receive your test results.

Testing for antigens is rapid testing that uses the same swabbing technique as a molecular process. But for this test, there is no need for lab or laboratory equipment. Due to this, you will receive your results sooner as possible. In case you want your report earlier, you can go to a drive-thru testing center.

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Moreover, these tests are extremely accurate in detecting COVID antigens. Generally, COVID antigens may take some time to emerge in your system. So, this may indicate that you could be infected with COVID but have a negative quick antigen test result.

Furthermore, it’s critical to understand the limitations of quick testing, if you come into contact with a COVID positive person. In case, a positive for COVID person decides to do a quick test later, the results are negative. This is because the COVID antigens haven’t yet manifested in your body. So, when you’re in the clear after your initial negative test, there’s a chance of spreading the virus.

  • Antibody Analysis

In this antibody test, check the antibodies of the virus in your circulation. Basically, a positive antibody test indicates that you have had COVID in the past. Many times people are aware of it or not. In this case, your immune system has created antibodies to assist fight the virus. But an antibody test can’t tell if you are still infected with the Corona virus.

What Do the Results of My COVID Test Indicate?

  • We can’t debate over COVID-19 because each circumstance is regrettably unique. It is ideal to not take another test if you have a positive test result. It is highly suggested to isolate yourself from others until you will not get a COVID-19 negative report.
  • In many cases, if you have COVID symptoms and a negative result, the doctor may take a molecular test. This will help to confirm the results and keep you isolated while testing confirms whether you have COVID-19.
  • Quarantine is really important and worth doing, if you, too, are infected. You must avoid going out in public for the next 10-14 days. Moreover, the length of your quarantine will be determined as per the local health regulations. During this situation, you should keep an eye on your symptoms. As you know COVID symptoms do not develop immediately following interaction with an infected person. In most cases, symptoms may take a few days to appear. 
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Final Words

To summarize, it is important to consider all the above aspects and get tested if you have COVID symptoms. No doubt, COVID travel test can provide peace of mind to individuals who have been experiencing symptoms. But it should not be used carelessly, so it’s not good to take a test for other health issues. Consult our physician and take the lateral flow antigen fit to fly treatment based on your individual situation. You will have primary care and physicians advise whether or not you should get tested.

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