How to Study the Qur’an on the Internet

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For many Muslims, finding a teacher is a difficult task. Mostly because there are so few online Quran tuition classes in the UK in the areas where they live.
Modern technology, on the other hand, has made learning the online Quran tuition classes in the UK as simple as learning it in a traditional classroom.
Online learning has a bad reputation because many people believe it is less effective than attending a class in person. However, the truth is that you can learn just as effectively online as you can in a traditional classroom setting.
Take a look at all of your web hacks, tips, and strategies. And how this newfound insight has influenced your actions. The use of some of the tactics listed below will make your online Qur’an learning a more enjoyable and rewarding experience, in sha’ Allah. 1.

Make your intentions as pure as possible

In Islam, action is dictate by one’s intentions. Everything a Muslim does should done completely for the benefit of Allah (ta’ala), in order to be acknowledge and rewarded as worship by the community at large.
We must first set realistic goals for ourselves in order to memorise the Qur’an successfully. Make it a point to memorise the Qur’an purely for the purpose of pleasing Allah (ta’ala). We shouldn’t memorise the Qur’an in order to impress others with our tajweed, chapter memory, or recitation voice; instead, we should memorise the Qur’an for its own sake.
Even when you begin studying, you must constantly reevaluate your progress to verify that you are still on track and not getting distracted by shaytaan’s whisperings.


One advantage of learning the Qur’an online is the possibility of meeting charlatans who claim to be knowledgeable about the religion. This is due to the fact that disinformation has the potential to lead us to believe and practise things that are oppose to Islamic teachings.
Doing homework is the best way to learn Arabic or online Quran tuition classes in the UK. Look for student organisations on Facebook or other social media platforms and solicit their input. Examine course evaluations and speak with others who have already completed the course.
Knowing what you don’t know is vital, but knowing what you don’t know from people who have proved a dedication to the Qur’an and Sunnah is even more significant.


Commitment is a difficult concept for online learners to grasp. Then you’re unable to recall your course login information.
When compared to a traditional class where you have to show up every week, dropping an online course is much easier. Online courses offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling, and students are not watched unless during tests.
This does not necessarily have to be the case when memorising the Qur’an. We can’t afford to be lazy while studying, thus remaining on track necessitates a significant amount of effort.
Take into consideration your motivation for learning the Qur’an, as well as the benefits of doing so.
You should recall your intentions, refresh them, and seek Allah (ta’ala) for assistance even if you are not feeling inspired.


I can attest to the importance of repetition when it comes to memorising the Qur’an. It is one thing to acquire knowledge; it is quite another to retain it for the rest of one’s life.
Those who seek to memories the Qur’an should be prepare to revise it on a daily basis, if possible. Every day, go over sections that have already been tough and read new ones. What you learn is more effective if you take time to study and refine it after you have learnt it.

Find a partner to work with

The fact that you are not the only student in a regular class adds to the learning experience in that setting. The majority of people who study have study companions with whom they share study ideas and progress reports.
Online schooling has the potential to be isolating. Because you can’t see your students, you’re completely on your own.
However, you are not alone in your feelings. Anyone can’t be perfect, and we all need a little extra help every now and then. A friend who is on the same path as you and is seeking to learn the Qur’an will make you feel more comfortable.

Make use of applications and tools

While not connected into your course website, online Qur’an learning tools and programmes may be quite beneficial.. Prior to your next lesson with your teacher, you can listen to a professional recitation of a chapter of the Qur’an through the use of a Qur’an application.
When you’re out and about, these apps can assist you in staying connected to what you’re learning at school.
It is widely held that the only way to learn the Qur’an is through physical attendance in a madrasah. Yes, it is possible; but, the seeker of knowledge must be dedicate to taking steps that will assist them in identifying and selecting the most rewarding methods of learning Online Female Quran Teacher.
Allah’s Messenger () said, “Whoever pursues knowledge, Allah will make his way to Jannah easier for him. ” The angels fanned out their wings over the knowledge seeker, expressing their delight in his accomplishments. God’s animals, both on land and in the water, beseech him for forgiveness.
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