Online Poker in the US Review

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Poker is, and will always be, a prevalent sport among Americans. Unlike some other games, most players view poker as a social activity. It’s a game that accommodates different players, which is uncommon among many popular gambling games. This makes poker a perfect fit for social occasions and tourneys.

However, the feeling about playing poker online is quite different in the US. Some states are yet to legalize online gambling operations within their shores. As a result, players are left bewildered by the legality of the game. Despite this, it’s pretty straightforward to understand the US stance on online poker.

No law or regulation explicitly prohibits US players from playing poker online. Also, online poker is not considered a crime in any state except Washington. Following the Supreme Court’s 2018 ruling, six states have legalized online poker. However, some apparent states are missing – one such state being New York.

New York has always been known for its tough stance on internet gambling. Nevertheless, with time, New Yorkers are becoming increasingly eager to join the online poker community. There is still a way to play poker online from NY. You can explore the best New York online poker sites and discover their latest offerings of online poker games at Top10PokerSites.

Playing Poker in New York

There are a lot of land-based casinos in New York that offer poker games. This can be attributed to voters approving expanded casino operations in 2013. As a result, the state receives a lot more gaming tax revenue.

Regardless of New York’s position on gambling, legalizing online casinos has not been so straightforward. Legislators seek to resolve some underlying problems before allowing internet gambling. Also, there are concerns from existing tribes.

The Native American tribes running land-based casinos in New York have been vocal against online casinos. According to them, licensing these businesses will reduce their player base. Surprisingly, this argument continues regardless of how much online casinos increase players’ interest in live games.

If licensed, it remains to be seen if these tribes pair up with online operators, as in some states. This would give them a stronger foothold in the industry, and could help offset any potential losses in revenue.

How Can New Yorkers Play Online Poker?

New York has never been friendly to online gambling. Regulations in the state make it hard for online gambling to operate in the state. Regarding online gambling, players in New York are restricted to a few options;

  • New York is bounded to the South and Southeast by Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Both states have legalized online gambling; hence, players can play from these locations.
  • Alternatively, players can engage in online poker through a site called Global Poker. This is the only site where players from all states except Washington can gamble online or by using a VPN

Global Poker, however, operates on a sweepstakes model which allows players to gamble with gold coins. The sites also offer Sweep coins for tourneys and other cash games.

These are the only two legal options offered to players from New York. It goes without saying how inconvenient and rigid gambling is in New York. However, a lot of tribal casinos in the state have poker rooms. Hence, players can engage in poker tournaments and other cash games.

When Will New York Legalize Poker

The Empire State is the 4th most popular state in the US based on population. As a result, more players are looking to win real money through online gambling. In 2022, online sports gambling became legal. This means online gambling is slowly gaining traction in the state. Despite this, online casinos still remain banned.

However, with online gambling slowly becoming accepted in the state, all indications suggest online casinos will go live next. There are considerations by the state’s legislature to legalize them by 2023.

Prior to legalizing online casinos, the state seeks to create a solution for “problem gambling.” Resolving the issue of responsible gambling is critical to legalizing poker.

One potential solution to help with “problem gambling” is to require all online casino players to set up self-exclusion agreements. This would mean that if players start to gamble more than they intended, or begin to experience negative consequences as a result of gambling, they can exclude themselves from playing at online casinos. This would help to protect players who might be susceptible to developing a gambling problem.


The size and influence of New York make it a potential state for legalized online gambling. It also has a population that exceeds other legalized states, thus, a more significant player base.

As a result, legalizing online casinos is more a matter of when than if. One thing is, however, certain, when legalized, New York would become a major hotspot for online casinos in the US.

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