Online cosmetic training from the comfort of your home? Now possible with more than twenty courses by Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass

Online cosmetic training from the comfort of your home? Now possible with more than twenty courses by Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass

Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass has just started more than twenty online courses for aesthetic medical training. These online courses are suited for medical students, willing to learn aesthetic cosmetic treatments as well as cosmetic doctors and nurses who are already established and practising from even the comfort of their homes.

The aesthetic courses run for 42-days and are designed to teach or polish the skills of students in that span. The curriculum has been designed in such a way that even sitting at home, students will be able to hone their cosmetic skills or learn new procedures smoothly. All the courses are overseen by the renowned cosmetic doctor, Dr Vi.

Dr Vi is known for his cosmetic expertise and experience and is one of the most sought-after cosmetic doctors in Australia. Dr Vi has a number of cosmetic clinics in Australia, and Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass is his venture catered toward cosmetic learning. He will also be mentoring all the online courses as well. With Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass, Dr Vi aims to strengthen and develop the cosmetic skills and proficiency of new or already practising doctors and nurses.

Dr Vi started practising cosmetic treatments in 2012 and has more than 10 years of experience in this department. Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass courses will help medical students and practising doctors and nurses become a part of the growing and advancing industry of cosmetic treatments. These courses have been a promising and revolutionizing venture.

With online education being globally recognized more with each day, online cosmetic courses by Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass are an innovative line in the field of medical education. Any type of medical education can not be completed without practicals. Just theory lessons can not make a trainee fit for practice. That is why Dr Vi has designed a live  Q & A for the students once a week for the 42-days. Dr Vi will be present to take questions from the students and clear their doubts.

Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass courses will also be using live sessions. They will be using only the highest quality of FDA-approved aesthetic medical products to administer on live models and show the students the correct and effective ways to complete the treatment procedure. The students can also come to Dr Vi’s clinic for practical lessons. The courses are certified and students can achieve certification from the comfort of your home nonetheless.

Students who have completed any of the online courses from their homes have also found the duration and timing of the classes very flexible. The 42-day curriculum has been further divided into seven-day sessions, over six weeks. Each week will focus completely on a specific aspect of learning, and the expert cosmetic trainers will complete a module in that 7-day span before moving on to the next. Students have found this system to be very helpful in their learning. Visit for more information, and sign up today!

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