Office relocation. How to organize and what to do.

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Sooner or later most companies are faced with the need to organize comfortable and fast office relocation.

This happens when you expand your staff, increase office space, or choose the best address for your organization. You can perform office relocation in several ways. The easiest is to order the service “turnkey”. If you want to save money, you can do the packing yourself.     

Choosing a moving company

Regardless of the chosen method, the first question to be answered is to find Worcester movers that will perform the transportation of things from one office to another. When choosing a trucking company, attention should be paid to:

– The experience of the transportation company in the market;

– The presence of reviews and recommendations about the organization;

– the cost of services and the provision of guarantees.

Please note: If you want to move the office “turnkey”, then you should contact a company that has a staff of movers. Otherwise, you will have to do everything yourself. Agree, to load a heavy safe or a cabinet without the necessary skills will be difficult.  

Moving the office “turnkey”

The easiest solution to the issue of office moving will be to sign a contract with a moving company to perform such work “turnkey”. A manager will be assigned to handle this issue, who will come to the site in advance, evaluate the work and help with its organization. If necessary, you can perform office moving with movers even at night. This will allow your company to continue working as usual. The new day will be able to start in a new place.

Turnkey office moving, is a job that is done in several stages:

– Assessing the scope of the task. The manager of the moving company will come to your office, create an estimate and perform calculations.

– Conclusion of an agreement. The responsibilities of the parties, the time of delivery of vehicles, and additional tasks that need to be solved are prescribed.

– Packing of office equipment and furniture. Employees of the company cargo carrier arrive in advance and carry out the disassembly and packaging of goods.

– Office transportation. Delivery of cargo is carried out at a predetermined time. Loaders carry out unloading and lifting of the packed furniture and office equipment to the place of further use.

– Assembling and arranging the furniture. Employees of the moving company unpack the cargo, assemble the furniture, and arrange it on the premises.

Please note: This is a rough list of steps that need to go to move the office. They can be adjusted both in terms of increases and decreases. For example, packing furniture before loading can be taken care of.

Self-preparation for the office move

It is possible to save significantly on the transportation of your company’s property when ordering an office move with self-preparation. To do this, you need to:

– Conduct an inventory of things and get rid of unnecessary junk. Dispose of old stationery and outdated equipment.

– Pack office equipment in air bubble wrap. Computer monitors should be placed in extra boxes beside the original packing. It is important to pay close attention to small items.

– Assemble and pack the archive. All papers need to be placed in boxes. Packaging is labeled. On the boxes, you need to write what documents are placed in them.

Please note: Carrying such heavy items as safes, non-dismountable shelving, and other structures is better left to specially trained people. They not only know all the nuances of proper carrying but also use special rigging equipment. Without which to move such cargo is very difficult and virtually impossible.    

Services office moving “turnkey”

This service is available today in almost all moving companies. But it is important to correctly approach the choice of such an organization. If you want to minimize downtime in your office – contact Stepbystep moving service. We provide experienced employees who will perform any work related to office relocation. We work quickly and professionally. 

By John Paul

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