Noni (Indian Mulberry) – An Ancient Aspirin

noni fruit

Are you aware of the noni fruit and its benefits? Noni is a small evergreen tree also known as Morinda citrifolia. It is mostly present in Southeast Asia, Australia and India. In ancient times, noni has been used as a natural dye for clothing, but it is also used as medicine in the form of noni capsules, juice and many more.

The fruit of the noni plant is the one that has been used for health benefits. Noni fruit s is very unique in smell and extremely bitter in taste. It bears fruit more than ten times a year. Indian mulberry is processed whole, with leaves, stems and roots, but its fruits are mainly used in the production of juice, which is often used in unconventional medicine – it is believed to have healing properties. Well, the leaves, flowers, stems, bark and roots of the plant are still used for medicinal purposes for a long list of diseases. Noni fruits contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and active substances. This is a prerequisite for a variety of healing properties. Noni is also known as ancient aspirin.

Noni as Ancient Aspirin

The healing properties of noni fruit have been known for centuries. From the old-time, it has been used to reduce pain, fast healing and many more. The traditional and tribal people have used noni or Indian mulberry as a painkiller.

Noni has the pin relieving agent as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, noni is able to reduce inflammation and pain in the body. Noni is best suitable for arthritis and skin conditions. As per one of the studies, noni fruits cause inhibition of MMP-9 release from human monocytes after stimulation with LPS. This effect was comparable to hydrocortisone (10(-5) m) and effective in decreasing pain and arthritis problems.

Along with the noni fruits, the leaves of the noni plant are also used in making natural pain relievers. Noni leaves are able to reduce rheumatic pain and swelling of the joints, abdominal pain, and dysentery. You can choose from any of two natural pain relievers that improve your body health.

Versatile Healing Properties

Noni fruits or extracts contain many elements that can be used in the treatment of various diseases. The healing properties are one of them. Xeronine- the alkaloid in the noni fruit that stimulates the immune system. This fruit is also rich in selenium, which is observed to be beneficial in the prevention of tumours. Noni contains many useful substances, including potassium. Some of these substances have the ability to regenerate damaged cells in the body and strengthen the immune system. Other medicinal characteristics of noni fruits include their ability to rebuild cells and their functions, cleanse the body of impurities, and aid fat burning, making them ideal for dieters and those attempting to lose weight. Noni fruits boost memory and concentration, have antidepressant qualities, decrease stress, soften the skin, and improve hair and nail health. Noni fruits replenish vitamin and dietary reserves and aid in their absorption. Its medicinal abilities are also utilised for problems with the respiratory, digestive, and immune systems, as well as to prevent cancer. Noni fruit juice is used as a dietary supplement for diabetes, atherosclerosis, arthritis, and other joint illnesses.

How To Use Noni In Regular Life?

To intake the noni, noni fruits are used. Being a traditional home remedy, it has been used as noni decoction. The decoction is a traditional way to transfer the noni’s nutritional value to the liquid. In this process, fresh or dried noni fruits are boiled in the water at a very low flame until the colour of the water changes.

In today’s generation, the decoction is not so famous. The extract form is available in the market. The noni capsules, juice, and supplement are of them. Today, the generation feels it easy to use such supplement forms. You can opt for any supplement you need. Buy noni capsules online or other forms at the best price. Using supplement form is much better, likewise, you are able to have the right dose. The company mentions all the details on the product to use in the right way. It is not good to overdose on noni fruits.

As we know, the leaves of noni are also used in medical properties. The decoction of leaves is also famous. But wrapping the noni leaves around the affected joint, in case of headache they are placed on the forehead, and in case of burns – directly on the affected skin. 

Well, the use of noni leaves is mostly used for the outside body. For internal benefits like immunity, arthritis, etc, noni fruits have been used. It is not possible to find the noni leaves supplement in the market. You should choose noni fruits for the supplement and noni leaves for covering the affected area.

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