NextGen Vs Kareo – Which Software is For You?

NextGen Vs Kareo

Kareo EHR

Kareo EHR system is a cloud-based tool for medical clinics that operate on their own. Among the capabilities of the EHR system are a patient portal, scheduling, visualization tools, a calendar, a customizable dashboard, productivity monitoring, and reporting progress. These characteristics enable medical practitioners to devote more time to patients while simplifying their daily tasks.

Client registration, patient records administration, financial handling, and prescription management are just a few of the back-office duties you might undertake. With its capabilities, Kareo Software aims to improve client care while also raising revenue. As per Kareo EHR reviews, the EMR improves patient-provider communication. It also enables users to manage financial, medical, and organizational information.

Top Features of Kareo EHR

Customizable Dashboard

Kareo EHR software has a calendar that may be customised for staff schedules and client appointments, as well as a calendar for crucial communications. It enables you to customise your agendas and save time by simplifying the client’s crucial conversations. Doctors can also publish their timetables swiftly and easily from any calendar display in Kareo. As per Kareo EHR reviews, you can view your calendar on a regular, quarterly, or yearly basis. Before publishing or saving your schedules to Pdf Files or Microsoft Excel file formats, you can select a date range and limit by service location or supplier.


Customers may evaluate and change individual labs and critical statistics on a single screen with Kareo software’s flowsheets. These flowsheets give clinicians a full view of their clients’ sensitive data across time, enabling them to properly analyse progress. With Kareo flowsheets, you may quickly assess a patient’s health patterns by displaying a snapshot of their data. As a result, you won’t have to waste time searching for vital patient data.

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Electronic Prescriptions

By streamlining the prescription procedure, Kareo’s digital prescription functionality saves time for doctors. To begin, users can use their phones’ computerized prescription software to receive a prescription for a common health condition. The technology then immediately sends information to pharmacies when they seek a refill.


Doctors can use this feature to check for possible drug or drug-to-drug combinations, minimising the frequency of phone calls linked to prescriptions. With the e-prescribing feature, you may reduce errors by accessing all patient data, especially medication background, on a single screen, as per Kareo EHR reviews. As a result, medical staff are able to give high-quality care in a timely and efficient manner. Clinicians can also access patient histories to stay on top of their patients’ requirements.

NextGen EHR

The NextGen office solution is provided by the NextGen medical software firm. MediTouch, as it was originally termed, is a cloud-based service. NextGen was created with independent practises in mind, and as a result, it includes a number of features that can assist them in optimising their practise.


Thanks to the experience of two physicians, NextGen EMR was formed in 1998. They anticipated a future in which procedures were more efficient and effective. As a result, a practise management system included in NextGen medical system has been seamlessly incorporated into their services. This allows practises to complete work that has been designed just for them. It also includes a claim management tool and a sophisticated patient portal.

NextGen EHR Features

Appointment Scheduling

One of the most prominent features of NextGen, as per NextGen software reviews, is the scheduling tool. You can make appointments by going to the color-coded scheduling calendar for each physician. You could effortlessly add new meetings to the calendar, which shows all of your work for a certain time period.

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To change the date, time, or physician of a previously booked appointment, easily drag it to a new slot. If your clients have accessibility to their client portal, they can also book appointments beforehand. To remind them, an electronic text, email, or phone call will be sent to them. This functionality is demonstrated during the NextGen demo.

Clinical Notes

The NextGen EMR makes it easier to create case records in a number of ways. You can, for example, use a dropdown menu to create a new patient note all by yourself. Patients can also provide you with data by filling out a brief form. The patient portal provides access to the form, and the information is recorded to their chart card.

Patients’ information is then seamlessly refreshed on the chart, avoiding the requirement for you to double-input or physically enter data. You can also enter data by typing or using voice dictation. Images can also be added to charts and notes.

Electronic Prescriptions

It can be difficult to provide medications to your patients. If you don’t know enough about the patient’s medical history, you might prescribe medication that causes interactions or allergies. This is why NextGen e-prescription is so successful.

Any potential threat generated by allergies or interactions is promptly detected by the software. In addition, the computer can recollect and add to your prescription routinely prescribed pharmacological directions. This is especially instructive because the data is then sent to the client’s preferred pharmacy.

Kareo EHR pricing vs NextGen EHR Pricing

NextGen EHR pricing has not been published by the vendor. However, NextGen EHR pricing begins at $299 per month, per provider. Kareo EHR pricing, on the other hand, starts at $125.

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NextGen EHR – Free trial, No Free Version

Kareo EHR – No Free trial, No Free Version

Kareo EHR Reviews – Average Rating of 4 out of 5 stars

NextGen EHR Reviews – Average Rating of 4 out of 5 stars

Last Few Words!

If you want to know more about NextGen EHR or Kareo EHR, you can simply schedule their demos. You can also go through their software reviews to see whether their current customers are satisfied or not. We hope this guide helps you find your ideal solution.

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