The National holidays in December around the world

All of us are indeed waiting for the holidays even if we grow old. Mainly, it brings us so much joy and lets us celebrate. With our hectic routines, we do not have a lot of time to give to our friends and families. But these holidays and events bring us closer because it is all about the times we are spending together. You cook together, dine together, and even watch movies. The kids are most excited about the December global holidays A Doctor’s Fantasy because they get gifts. 

But there are some National holidays as well that we should know about. It brings a lot of knowledge and education so we can know about that holiday. The youngsters and the new generation know about the importance of these holidays and that way we all have a lot of respect for them. 

Here are the different celebrated holidays in December known around the world. 

St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas day is celebrated on December 6th which has a lot of importance. It comes before Christmas which shows a very important lesson to everyone. St. Nicholas is in the honor of the person who gave away all of his wealth to the people who were in need. He helped and catered to the needs of people above his own. Moreover, he looked after the hungry and sick people and ensure they fill their bellies and sleep comfortably rather than him. 

He had a heart of gold, especially in the story where Nicholas left gold for the three daughters. The daughter’s father was unable to give them dowry so Nicholas helped them and ensured they can arrange everything for the wedding. He used to bring gifts as well to put a smile on the poor people. This holiday and event are celebrated in mostly Europe. People give other chocolates and small gifts as a gesture to show that they are with each other. 

But you should celebrate this day properly by helping the poor people around you. 

Santa Lucia:

A lot of people do not know about the Santa Lucia story that is celebrated on the 13th of December. Santa Lucia was a saint who was murdered one night. The people said that on that day even in the darkest clouds they saw a light. The Swedish people believe that it was the light that shows hope and courage. The people celebrate this day by lighting candles and dressing in light colors. 

Everyone is welcome to celebrate this event from teens to adults. But you should know it is a major event for kids. Not only it is a day to celebrate the light of Santa Lucia but also gives this lesson to our kids as well. They should know about the hope that you can have even in the darkest times of your life. 

Santa Lucia is celebrated during the global Demeber holidays every year. It is now a compulsion in the kindergartens and schools for the education of kids. 


AIDS day is not a celebration but a day that is spent the guidance and delivering messages about AIDS. It is on the 1st of December when you will be seeing multiple events happening all around the world. It is for the support of kids to adults discussing the safer ways of sexual activity and the aftercare for it. With the spread of knowledge, there could be a time when we can handle the spread of AIDS. 

Bodhi Day:

Bodhi day is on the 8th of December which is for the Buddhists. On this day, Siddhartha Gatama became the Buddha Shakyamuni. It is the day of freedom and the spread of this beautiful religion which is getting a lot of fame around the world. It is because of its peaceful life and how they are very down-to-earth people. 

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