Must Join UX Design Group and Communities in 2023

Must Join UX Design Group and Communities in 2023

Are you a UI/UX designer looking for a place to exchange design ideas and industry news and get inspiration? Connecting and communicating with design professionals on social media is one of the best ways to keep you up to date in the fast-evolving internet landscape. In this article, we curated some best UI/UX design communities that every UX designer and researcher must not miss out.

UX Bonfire 

UX Bonfire is a UX community on Discord established in 2022. It’s one of the few design communities focusing on UX design and research for Web3. In this Discord group, you will find many Web3 enthusiasts who share UX tips, Web3 trends, UX reports, materials and resources, and job opportunities related to the Web3 internet. All designers onboarding from Web2 to Web3 must join the UX Bonfire community.

Mind the Product Slack

This community gathers designers, developers, and entrepreneurs who want to ask questions and debate on any topic about building a product. Some companies also share their hiring news in this community.

Designer Hangout

Designer Hangout is a Slack channel where UX designers actively discuss ideas and give each other design advice. In this community, you will also find a lot of news about design events, job opportunities, and Q&A sessions.

Design Buddies

Design Buddies is a big and active design community on Discord that offers online workshops, mentorships, job boards, and portfolio and resume reviews.

User Experience Design 

User Experience Design is the most active UX design group on Reddit. It has over 90,000 members and covers everything from UX and tech-related news to any problems a UX designer may have in their career.

UI/UX User Experience Interactive Designer / Wireframes

UI/UX User Experience Interactive Designer / Wireframes is a LinkedIn group where the members discuss and share resources and insight around UX and tech tips, ask for tech help and questions, and share job opportunities.

Women in UX

Women in UX is a Facebook group gathering a large group of female UX designers. It offers mentorship and organizing events where members energetically exchange ideas and advice on careers, portfolios, and learning resources.

Benefits of joining a UX designer community

There are many benefits to joining a community of UX designers. Here are some examples:

Keep up with the latest UX design and market trends.

Web3 UX design is one of the top buzzwords in the design and tech industry. A successful transformation to Web3 allows companies to build decentralized applications and DeFi solutions that satisfy users’ growing needs worldwide. Joining a Web3 UX community (such as UX Bonsire on Discord) will help you meet Web3 UX experts and prepare for the third generation of the internet if you wish to bring your career to the next level in 2023. 

Learn from and Build relationships with UX professionals.

You can learn from other members’ mistakes, successes, and insights into the UX design industry. It will help you avoid costly mistakes and expand your knowledge base while saving time and money. In UX design online communities, you will meet like-minded people worldwide with similar design interests and goals. You can learn from other designers’ mistakes, successes, and insights and build relationships with designers, developers, product managers, and company founders that may bring you new career opportunities.

Review your design work.

In many UX communities, one of the frequently discussed topics is reviewing and debating a design and user experience of a 

product. Whenever you seek design insight, you can post your work to the group and ask for feedback. This definitely helps improve your product design abilities through constructive criticism from peers who are experts in crafting engaging user experiences.


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