Mumbai street food explained in detail

Assuming there are two things Mumbai is generally famous for, they are Bollywood and road food. Across the city, you’ll find vendors setting up food tones down on convergences, on walkways, or close to schools and workplaces selling snacks and hot bits of food.

The road food of Mumbai is impossible, overpowering and doubly fulfilling. While you could get nibbles simultaneously, today vendors have improved and are correct now serving an assortment of dinners that unite treats, yet besides boss courses, frozen yogurt and several overall dishes. In this article, we investigate the plans of road food in Mumbai that are astonishing. Follow queryplex to know more street food assortments.

Vada Pav

Vada Pav is the blessed target of all the striking road food of Mumbai. At any rate it is open in by a wide margin the greater part of the neighborhood eateries in Mumbai, the best information on eating Vada Pav is in a road food truck. Vada is essentially a potato patty, which is rotisserie with gram flour (gram flour).

It is given super hot sweet chutney (sauce) and bread. Rupee. 10 ought to be satisfactory to present to you a pleasant vada pav, however on the off chance that you take to one of that drastic course of action bistros, it could slow down you more. Also, see pastrami meaning.

Barbecued Corn

Barbecued corn or corn is a prominent ocean side eat. Precisely when winter shows up, on each ocean side in Mumbai, you’ll find bhutawallas selling corn cooked on the chulha and gave lime and chaat masala.

A typical propensity for Mumbaikars is to snatch spider webs and go for earnest strolls around the ocean. Reliant upon the size, a barbecued corn will cost you around Rs. 40

Pani puri

Known distinctively in different pieces of India, breakfast in Mumbai is called pani puri. A most valued chaat thing, pani puri is served by a thali. The stuffing for poori contains chickpeas, adolescents or potatoes and flavors.

You get six puris per plate and you have the choice to pick sweet or tart chutney. Coming about to eating your plate of pani puri, it is standard to request plain puri served without chutney.

Sev Batata Puri

One more chaat thing that is well known in Mumbai, Sev Batata Puri is fundamentally a blend of onions, potatoes, tomatoes and chillies served on scorched level puris and finished with sweet, enthusiastic and mint chutney.

Like pani puri, sev batata puri is served on a platter. It is conventionally eaten with tea as a night nibble. For an excellent taste, try dahi (curd) sev batata puri, which goes with a curd covering over the sauce. A plate of Bhel Puri shouldn’t obstruct you more than Rs. 60 at a road food postponed down.

Chinese bhel

A newcomer to the clamoring road food of Mumbai, Chini Bhel has gotten together to combine two novel cooking styles, Indian and Chinese. Remarkable with kids, this dish can be found at tones down external schools and wild rec focuses. Chinese bhel is simply scorched noodles given schezwan sauce, onions and several cut chillies.


Bhel as it is dominatingly called, is a popular chaat food found at road tones down in Mumbai. Bhel is made utilizing puffed rice and minced onions, potatoes and chillies, finished with coriander leaves.

Hot and minty sauce is added to the bhel to add punch. The dish is given puri and shouldn’t impede you more than Rs. 50 a plate.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji began in Maharashtra, no immense bewilderment it has gotten massive regularity among individuals of Mumbai. This dish is routinely given a spot of margarine on buttered bread, onions as a thought by and large and pav bhaji.

Next to the normal construction, which is made totally of tomatoes and potatoes, you get another variety called khada pav bhaji which is a squash of cauliflower and different vegetables.


In Mumbai, you get a substitute variety of the sandwich than what you get abroad. Toasted on the barbecue with potato filling and green mint chutney, Mumbai sandwiches are a notable bite on Mumbai’s road food scene.

In many spots, you will see that this is being finished by office members either on the way to work or by home and school going understudies. Adjacent to the standard Mumbai sandwich, you also track down different mixes with paneer, paneer and even schezwan sauce.


You could imagine that dosa is eminent just in South India, you are off track. In Mumbai, you have a lot of dials back serving dosa, idli and medu vada with hot sambar and sublime coconut chutney.

Eminent as a morning supper thing, you will find dosa tones down in corporate stops and markets. Dosa is made new and new.

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