Most Common Vape Questions

Vape Questions

Smoking by all means is not a good habit at all. Whether you smoke to overcome anxiety or to kill your time, it’s just not good for your health. If you are a smoker who has tried every smoking cessation technique to kick smoking and has completely failed, you must try vaping. (Beginner vapers should opt for disposable vape as they do not need any special maintenance)

No matter how many cigarettes you smoke a day, you can easily give up on smoking if you are determined enough. Vaping is one of the amazing and effective smoking cessation techniques. If you consider giving vaping a try, you may have questions in your mind. To clear doubts from your mind and to answer your questions, here read the guide:

Common Vaping Questions:

  1. What is a vape device? How does it work?
  2. What are rechargeable and disposable vape devices?
  3. How to choose e-liquid flavors?
  4. Do vapes have any adverse effects?

What is a vape device? How does it work?

All vape devices have the following four components:

  1. A Battery.
  2. A coil.
  3. E-liquid.
  4. Mouthpiece.

A vape is a battery-operated device that uses a coil to heat e-liquid. When the e-liquid gets heated, they turn into an inhalable vapor. When you head to a vape store, you will likely see multiple vape devices such as vape pen, disposable vape, vape pod, vape mod, and box mods.

Although the components are the same in every vape device e.g.  elux legend 3500 puffs, there is a difference in functionality. For example, some vape devices help you quit smoking by providing a subtle throat hit, while other devices may give you good quality clouds. A good quality vape device is the one that gives you a better flavour, taste, and exceptional cloud production.

What are rechargeable and Disposable vapes?

A rechargeable vape device is one that you can charge whenever you want. In addition, you can refill its tank with your desired e-liquid. Seasoned vapers tend to purchase these devices because they are convenient to use and can be recharged.

A better version of rechargeable vapes is advanced vape kits. Advance vape devices such as vape mods and box mods are the kind of devices that you can customize. You can replace the cost of these devices and alter their setting. By changing its temperature and wattage settings, you will be able to vape at your convenience in that air bar box.

Disposable vapes are the kind of devices that you can directly use and throw away. These devices do not require any charging as they are pre-charged, and once their battery is drained out, you can dispose of them. Also, these devices come with pre-filled e-liquids, and once the e-liquid runs out of atomizer, the vape is of no use. These devices are good for on-the-go vapers or for vapers who do not like to handle complicated devices.

How to choose e-liquid flavors?

When choosing e-liquid, one thing that should be in your mind is that you always choose e-liquid according to t your vaping style. For instance, if you need a strong throat hit and subtle flavor, you should choose an e-liquid that contains PG in a large ratio.

In contrast, if you are a cloud chaser and love playing with big clouds of vapors, you should choose e-liquids containing VG in a high ratio. You may opt for e-liquids containing a 50/50 ratio of both PG and VG for optimum results.

Do vapes have any adverse effects?

According to NHS, vapes are 95% less harmful than cigarettes. The toxic chemicals in cigarettes, such as tobacco formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, and ammonia, badly affect human health. Vapes have fewer adverse effects compared to cigarettes.

Vape juices do not contain such harmful chemicals. The ingredients in vape juices are less impactful and less harmful than cigarette chemicals. Additionally, vapes are more cost-effective than cigarettes. Disposable vapes or vape starter kits are effective for beginner and avid vapers.

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