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Before we dive into the nitty and gritty of Monday com, we want to tell you about the background of this software. The software is cloud based and has been around for a while. The company was founded in 2014 and the software was developed soon after. Since then, Monday com has reached greater heights of success. The software has since then been getting more and more popular; with a latest valuation for the software being at $1.9 billion. The software has raised over $150 million in its latest round of funding which makes it one of the most sought-after companies for 2021. In this piece, we will be talking to you about all that makes Monday com software so great.

So, if you are wondering whether or not software is right for the needs of your business then keep reading. We will be telling you about various features in this software to help you figure out whether this software is the right choice for you! Features

Data Visualization

Data visualization is the first feature in we want to tell you about. This feature helps you to make a map for your project in a visual format. The software helps you construct a plan for how you will execute your project and does so in a visual way. This helps you explain the project much more easily to your team. The software essentially allows you to plan your project better but also explain it to your team better because people respond and understand visual formats of information much more easily!

Easy Collaboration

Another feature in Monday com software we want to tell you about is the easy collaboration feature. This feature helps you to make working on a team so much easier. The feature helps you to add all your colleagues to the same dashboard so everyone has access to the same work dashboard and can see the progress for the project too. This feature allows everyone to upload their work on the dashboard and gives the rest of the team access to the work uploaded. This means everyone can look at the progress made in the overall project and what stage the project is at. This feature really helps you to make working on a team together more cohesive and easier overall!

Notifications and Reminders

The next feature we absolutely must tell you about is the notifications and reminders feature. This feature helps you to ensure that you are on top of things when it comes to your work. The feature allows for you to get notification updates about any work that is to be done. The feature helps you to know when a due date is coming up so that you can be on top of when to submit your work. The feature also allows you to get a reminder for upcoming deadlines which is very helpful for keeping you on track. The notification feature helps you get notified about any comment you might have been tagged in so that you can know what you have to do. This feature really makes sure you respond to colleagues and their queries or questions right away! Pricing

In terms of pricing, Monday com software is one of the very rare software which has a free version. If you are a small team with a limited budget then this software really allows you to enjoy it to the maximum. This is because the free version is offered for you. The free version has some limitations of course, the limitations are that only two people per team are allowed on the software. The software’s features are also not all available to you which can be an issue!

However, in terms of pricing, the software is not too expensive. The software costs $16 a month per user. This is pretty cheap as far as project management software are concerned since most costs over hundreds of dollars. The software has a lot of features for you to enjoy! This software really is not too expensive which makes it ideal for even smaller businesses or newly made startups!

Is a Solid Choice for you

The first thing we suggest you do is make an extensive list of all the features you would want in a top project management software. This helps make your decision a lot easier. This helps you compare whether has all these features and hence gives you the ability to choose a software which will cater to all or most of your features.

The next thing you should do is request a demo or trial. A trial of the software allows you to have firsthand experience with the software. This means you are able to see the software for what it is like firsthand and then decide whether you are interested in purchasing it. This is the best way to know about a software and decide on whether it is right for you.

We also suggest you read as many user reviews for as you can. If you read user reviews you get an idea about what the software is like in the long term for users. This really helps you to know whether or not in the long run the software will do you well.

We are sure whatever conclusion you draw about Monday com software will be the right decision for you. Just make sure you make a decision which serves you well for what your needs from the software are and make a decision keeping all of that in mind!

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