Stunning Room-By-Room MDF Wall Panels Ideas

MDF Wall Panels Ideas

Wall panels are decorative pieces that are placed on the walls, which give the desired textures, patterns, or an architectural look. The panels make the room look more appealing and spacious. By integrating wall panels made out of MDF boards, you can save time and money by installing wallpaper or painting, which remains intact on the wall for a short period.  

Wall panelling adds character, charm, and personality to the property. Whether you want to create a stunning place where people can hang out or a peaceful place to curl up with a book. It’s important to do research about the wall panel style and think about what suits you best.  

Here is the guide to incorporating MDF wall panels into homes.  

Amazing MDF Wall Panel Concepts for Your Home

1. Kitchen:

Doing wood panelling in the kitchen adds to the appeal. Nowadays, panels on MDF boards provide various designs, patterns, and textures that give a unique style to the space.

For instance, you can create a subdued panel, which covers the range hood and walls, and provides the ideal setting for this beachfront kitchen. The light, creamy-white panelling made out of MDF sheet makes the flooring, fixtures, and colour scheme, pop out and give a cottage-style vibe.  

Another example is rustic panelling, which extends partially up the wall, and adds texture and pattern in a novel way that harmonises with the wood-toned cabinetry and flooring. The panelling, like the tall windows, leads the attention up the wall, enlarging the space.  

2. Bedrooms: 

The wooden panels can change the bedroom entirely by making it attractive. It adds warmth and a relaxing ambience. For instance, due to the ambience it produces, everyone’s ideal bedroom might be this modern area. The wood panelling on the wall blends in nicely with the platform bed and carpet, as well as the rest of the bedroom’s furnishings. 

You can add elements of blue and grey in the bedroom to make it more comforting and soothing, which complements the wood panels. The room can look spacious by adding a few decorative kinds of the stuff above the beds, which brings beauty and minimalism.  

3. Living Space: 

A living room panel offers an enduring touch of elegance to your area and works well in both classic and modern layouts. It can give your walls a richer, more opulent texture and depth, as well as additional insulation, resilience, and protection. 

For example, you can get a Jacobean style panelling known as “square panelling”, which has a neat and uniform structure in a square shape. You can paint the panels with any colour that complements the furniture in the living spaces. This creates an inviting and textured style that works for small as well as big spaces.  

If you want to create a contemporary theme for the living room, you need to choose something minimal and shiny. For instance, get a black wall panel that has an understated element of texture. A fantastic method to subtly focus on the living room spaces is to keep the panelling simple. With artwork and lights, the panel delicately divides the higher wall space from the lower seating area.

4. Near Stairways:  

A stair panel can enhance the design of this space in a house. It is one of the few hallway ideas that are both aesthetically beautiful and incredibly useful. The panels can shield walls from dings and scratches. With the proper paint finish, it can be easily cleaned of any stains. 

For example, you can pick any coloured pattern floor tile for the stair panelling. Such traditional patterned colours can balance with the white panels to create a contemporary theme. This gives a classic yet sophisticated look to your home.  

Wood panelling made from an MDF board on the lower section of an L-shaped staircase creates a peaceful corner for a comfy chair and footstool in the hallway. Whether you are looking for landing ideas or to add charm to a corridor.  

The panelling is duplicated on the stair wall to complete the appearance. It gives the room a farmhouse feel that is warm and graceful without being overly formal. 

5. Bathroom: 

Bathroom panels created from an MDF board are the perfect way to elevate your bathroom’s design. From traditional to rustic, whatever the theme is wall panels match well with them. 

For instance, tongue and groove panelling is one of the traditional options. They are installed as separate panels, and the term comes from the fact that each plank has a tiny tongue that slides into a similar groove on the following plank. 

Another example is combining wallpaper and bathroom panelling ideas. They will work well together to make a bathroom more upscale. 

Concluding Thoughts

Wall panels made up of MDF boards can resist termites, mould, scratches, heat, water, etc. which makes them long-lasting. I hope the above-mentioned have helped you incorporate wall panelling into your homes. 

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