Make Your Best Friend’s Birthday Memorable with Online Cake Delivery

We make friends without knowing their cast, religion, thought process, and all. However, sometimes we make the most caring yet inspiring friends, whereas sometimes we meet with annoying buddies that irritate us most of the time. However, the friends we make ultimately give real emotional support in any situation. Real friends share unconditional love throughout the ups and downs of the beautiful life journey. So, obviously, we feel fortunate when it comes to celebrating their day of existence in this; yes, I am talking about their birthday!

But is it enough to celebrate your best friend’s birthday just by cutting a simple cake that you often order on any casual occasion?

Of course, you would say a big NO and would like to make the birthday special with some unique cake ideas.

So, hold on the breathe and keep on going through the below list to get some creative ideas to turn a normal birthday celebration of your friends into a memorable one for life long.

4 Best Cake Ideas to Order Online For a Memorable Besties Birthday

1] Choose Cake That’s Best for Your Friend’s Personality

Some friends are foodies, whereas a few are mobile game lovers. At the same time, a few friends can be fatty or thin. Also, you might like sleeping the whole day or laying like a panda whenever you get the time. So this birthday, you can choose a custom cake that can reflect their characteristics.

For your convenience, here are some hand-picked birthday cake ideas to make their day memorable.

  • Angry Birds Fondant Theme Cake
  • Luscious Tom N Jerry Cake
  • Friendship Beer Fondant Cake
  • Boo Bear Cake
  • Humorous Motu Patlu
  • Sleepy Bear Theme Cake

2] Cake That Can Win a Girl’s Heart

Whether you are a male or a female, there are a lot of cake designs to choose from to celebrate your female friend. Often she likes the colorfully decorated cake with loads of flowers, chocolates, Oreos, or her favorite cartoon character. So, this birthday let her enjoy the day by online ordering heart-winning cakes in Hyderabad or whatever place she lives in.

Here is some quick option to choose a beautiful cake design to create a non-forgettable memory on her birthday.

  • Barbie In A Pink Gown Cake
  • Ombre Roses Theme Cake
  • Pink Ruffled Fondant Cake
  • Sparkly Barbie Cake

3] Cake Best for Male Friends

If the birthday of your boyfriend, colleague, or flatmate is around the corner, you can go with some sports or game-printed cakes to celebrate their birthday. PUBG Battleground, Spiderman, and Mario cake can instantly win the heart of anyone because these characters are the favorite of most boys and men.

Here are some awesome yet realistic-looking birthday cake ideas based on games, celebrities, and other characters that can be further customized as per your friend’s choice.

  • Custom Minion Poster Cake
  • Football Fever Cake
  • PUBG Battleground
  • Super Mario Themed Cake
  • Yummy Spidey Birthday Cake
  • Car Shaped Theme Cake

4] Simple Yet Delicious Cake for Beloved Friends

If you want to order an evergreen online cake delivery in Hyderabad or nearby cities without taking the risk of experimenting, then simply choose any of the below-given cakes. You can order these cakes to be created with a customized quote, personal messages, or a choice of colors.

Based on the people expected to join your friend’s birthday, you can go with one-tier, two-tier, or even tiers of cake available in different sizes.

  • Birthday Wishes Photo Cake
  • Alphabet Theme Cake
  • Colorful Two Tier Choco Cake
  • Yummy Tiramisu Cake
  • Almond Rocher Cake
  • Yummy Fruit Punch Cake
  • Halfway Jungle Cake

What Else Can You Gift Your Friend To Create A Memorable Birthday Moment?

Along with a customized cake design, you can carry a couple of gifts for them. You can choose either the needful items, mementos, or showpieces to gift your friend. To start the day, you can handover him/ her a beautiful flower bouquet with a bunch of chocolates, sweets, or dry fruits.

On his/ her birthday, you can also gift their most awaited or favorite items that may include their dream shoes, sports accessory, travel accessory, etc. You can also think about dedicating a song to cheer your friendship on the radio station. Another idea is to arrange a personalized autograph with their favorite celebrity.

To make the day more special, you can plan for an outing, visit a new place, do some madness, and more. However, if your friend believes in inner peace by helping needy people, you can arrange the cake-cutting ceremony at an orphanage, old age home, or some common place where happiness can be shared with no restrictions. Believe me; your friend will really thank you for organizing such an activity and giving them reasons to create the memory on their birthday.

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