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E-cards have grown in popularity in recent years. Digital Business Ecards are a simple and cost-effective method to send greetings to friends and family, and they may even be used to promote your company.


There are thousands of ecard companies, and ecards may be a quick and easy way to say thank you, sorry, or think of you — as well as a cheap and easy emergency repair if you miss a special occasion and don’t have time to send a normal card by snail mail.


Ecards have become more innovative in recent years, with many now including audio, video, and/or moving pictures. Some E-cards allow you to totally personalize them, even recording your own audio greeting. Many individuals enjoy receiving electronic greeting cards.


Heard about cooperate e -greeting cards?


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With our online design tool, you can see for yourself how quick and easy it is to produce the right corporate e – greeting cards. Many corporate holiday e – cards providers take on your needs and then give a solution that isn’t quite what you expected weeks later. You will be in complete control at Make My Ecard, and you will like it.

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What’s your opinion on safe E-cards websites?


Have you ever thought about whether the e-card you’re sending is safe if you send or receive them? Or whether it’s acceptable to open an ecard you receive, especially if it’s from someone you know?

The majority of people never consider the dangers of ecards, yet there are many of them.

However, the majority of ecards you receive from friends are safe and simple to use. However, because there are so many ecard scams going around right now, we’d like to assist you in avoiding becoming a victim of one.




  • Once clicked and/or downloaded, a seemingly legal e-card could be spyware, spam, or computer infection.
  • For instance, your computer may begin to display something else photos, bombard you with pop-up adverts, launch other websites, or send bogus e-cards to folks in your address book that look to come from you.
  • E-cards that download adware or malware are a frequent e-card scam, and they persuade you to agree to it in the fine print when you click to accept the ecard company’s Terms!
  • Because not all viruses destroy your computer, it may remain dormant for a long time, you may never notice that the e-card you got was anything but genuine.
  • Here’s an ecard scam that’s more devious than most phishing scams: The Digital Business e-card appears to be from Hallmark and instructs you to download an attachment in order to receive our ecard. The attachment, on the other hand, isn’t an ecard at all; it’s a Trojan horse virus.
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The Trojan then sits and waits for you to sign in to AOL. If you do, it will show you a message. Of course, this e-card isn’t from Hallmark, and AOL isn’t involved in this ruse either. Scammers are attempting to steal your personal information as well as your identity.


  •  Attachments are never sent with Hallmark’s legitimate ecards. AOL also does not ask for billing information through pop-up windows.


A FAKE ECARD’S Obvious Signs :


Here are a few red flags that an ecard is fake:


  •  Spelling errors, such as congratulation! Alternatively, your name may be misspelled.
  •  Errors in the message, such as stating that you sent but did not receive a card.
  • The sender isn’t someone you’re familiar with. like the sender uses a fictitious name, a url that looks to be strange.




  • If you’re unsure, don’t open it. Delete any ecards you don’t recognize. Why would you receive a card from someone you don’t know?
  • Never click on anything from an unknown source, never open an unknown source’s attachment, and never download anything from an unknown source. (It’s really that straightforward!)


  •  Never accept a company’s conditions without first reading the fine print. Users were requested to agree to Terms in one Digital Business e-card scam, which included the company accessing their address book and sending a message to everyone in it!
  • Install and keep up-to-date antivirus software.
  • Mozilla Firefox is a good choice. Because many Digital Business ecard scammers take advantage of security flaws in Internet Explorer, Firefox is significantly more secure against this form of attack. However, because Firefox isn’t completely safe, make sure it’s up to date.
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Final thoughts :


We advise against opening an ecard that contains an attachment. Until it’s too late, you never know what’s actually in that attachment.

Keep in mind that even opening attachments from friends or coworkers puts you at risk. Take a look at these email security recommendations.


 Maintain skepticism and vigilance. Be wary if something doesn’t seem right. Remember that a Trojan might make a fake Digital Business ecard appear to be sent from a friend or family member. So, be on the lookout.


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