Logo Design Trends and How to Create Your Own


When you are designing a logo, there are some important things to think about. A well-designed logo will have more than just the company name on it. You have to think about color choices, typography, and shapes too. If you want to design your own logo or get ideas, here are some trends in today’s logos. The trend is the best when the logo can convey information at a glance. The sustainable approach to the logo design also ensures the company’s success in terms of longevity.

Because of new technology, designers are changing their approach to logo design. The important thing is that logos should be able to stand out. They should not blend into the background like custom wholesale boxes, or they will not work. You can find pictures of stores on a website or in a magazine. And you can tell what they do just by looking at the pictures. The logo should be something memorable and meaningful. People have short memories when it comes to logos so they need to be different, engaging, and captivating all at once.

The color scheme for a logo is very important. Colors help you know what to do. If you want people to be happy, use green and yellow colors.

  1. Simple, clean logos are a popular design trend right now

The packaging is also changing and that makes the trend of simple, clean logos even more popular. The number of colors and complexity will be limited to one or two colors.

Logos should say what a company does. People may want to buy things from you even before they know anything else about your company. A logo has to tell people who you are and what you do with clear messaging.

People judge companies by their logos. A good logo is a very important thing. So many businesses, especially new ones, choose a company name first and then try to find an image that would match it later. This is a huge mistake because the company needs a good logo that will show how it looks, what services it offers and who its customers are.

  1. Minimalist logos are becoming more and more popular as well

The individuals and the brands both prefer the best of the logos which make them look cool and minimalistic yet attractive. This is one of the basic reasons why many companies are shifting towards a cleaner, minimalist design.

You should know who your customers are. Decide what your company should represent and what its unique selling point should be. Then make the logo that fits these requirements while also portraying the message you want to send. The cleaner logo is the most suitable for this process.

A clean and simple logo is good for your company. People can know it easier. It also looks more professional. Minimalist logos are not very common. But soon, they will be. These companies that have used these logos now will be considered as pioneers by the new generation of consumers who haven’t seen them before or haven’t even heard about them until now. Companies must evolve with time if they want to stay ahead of their competition, and having a minimalist design is one way to do that.

  1. Flat design is a great technique to try and make the logo look comprehensive on package

The flat design and the simplicity of the logo are important in this package. It should be easy to find the brand on many other packages where there are many different types. A sleek and elegant design that could be seen as beautiful even by individuals.

As brands know that, simple logos are best for all audiences because they can understand them better. But some designs can still be liked only by men or women depending on what they look like. If a logo has too much information, then avoid it if you want to make your product special for females. Sometimes females do not like that type of thing.

  1. Using positive space in your logo is another great trend that works

In the food industry or any other field where it is okay to have a picture of a product on your logo, you should have a picture of the specific product.

For example, if your logo uses a space to form an apple in it, it will be good for selling food products or apples. It is easy to relate this logo with any kind of food. People are not so easy to understand what you are trying to say with just fonts and words, but when they see your logo in a way that is familiar to them, then many people will get influenced by that.

This is why showing logos in high-quality photos is another trend working well. It shows how effective the company’s name can be because you must use your creativity for shaping words together to make simple letters which form a logo.

  1. Simple geometric shapes can also be used to create an effective logo design

There are many kind of shapes and designs available for the creative people out there, no matter if you are making a logo for food related business or not. So why to use anything else when simple shapes can also create your desired identity with minimum efforts? The creativity and the ability to think outside the box is a key aspect while designing a logo.

You can use these typography shapes to create a geometric shape that will communicate your business idea. People are doing this more because it helps you be different from other companies.

Symmetry in logos is popular. Some people think it does not work well, but this is not true. It has been around for a long time and there are many examples that show that symmetry can still be used in design.

There are many ways of using simple geometrical shapes like circle, squares and triangles in logos. However, many people find it easiest to design things by taking one shape and then designing something cool-looking with it.


The brands and individuals follow the best of the trends. People are looking for identity in logos. There will always be something new to design in the logo world. The logos used by bands and record labels are what catch people’s eyes because they want to be different from other companies. Some of the best companies offer print logo on box and that makes the best of package feel.

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