Living in Chicago: 10 Best Neighborhoods in 2022

Chicago – The Windy City!!

Chicago is the residence of the Chicago Clubs, delicious nachos, and around 2.7 million people. It is the third-largest city in the USA, and there is no deficit of things to carry out, see, taste, or perhaps experience in the very best neighborhoods in Chicago.

The city splits into 77 areas, commonly named ‘neighborhoods.’ About 55% of Chicago citizens take rooms for rent, so it is an easy task to discover a place for rentals in a community you adore.


Whether you’re searching for a neighborhood having easy access to food spots and transportation or maybe a less busy family-oriented community, you will easily get the perfect rooms for rent in Chicago and discover an affordable neighborhood.

Here are the 10 best neighborhoods in Chicago:

1] Edgewater

Pondering where to take up residence in Chicago? Edgewater is one of the ideal locations for you. As its name recommends, this North Side suburb is right near the water, enveloping Kathy Osterman Beach and Forest Beach. For Families, this makes Edgewater an incredible spot to live throughout the late spring break, while its scope of extraordinary schools guarantees your children get a first-class education. Edgewater is

2] The Loop

The Loop is one of the most eclectic, vibrant, and lively neighborhoods. Apart from that, it’s the business enterprise region of Chicago. This specific section of the downtown area of Chicago is the home to Chicago’s commercial core, the second-largest commercial business district in Chicago-town. The must-visit places include river cruise trips, a wonderful theater district, the Chicago Riverwalk, shopping along State Streets, and the list is never-ending!

3] Gold Coast

Gold Coast, one of Chicago’s historic districts, is a wealthy residential neighborhood. This place is best defined by its stately homes, magnificent high-rises, and upscale shopping. This neighborhood has a fantastic mix of a crack of streets and a plethora of luxury brands and restaurants. The tree-lined North Rush, East Oak, and North Clark streets in the neighborhood will undoubtedly win your heart with their diverse dining options. Oak Street Beach provides an exciting city view that you cannot afford to miss while in Chicago. This area remains known for its affluent residents, fantastic restaurants, and elegant boutiques.

4] Wicker Park

Wicker Park is perhaps the most seasoned area in the whole city and is the best for renting a room in Chicago. It came to the limelight when siblings Charles and Joel Wicker bought the land. This town is along Milwaukee Avenue. Milwaukee Avenue is one of the most established shopping locales in the whole city of Chicago. Probably the earliest occupants were affluent Northern European settlers.

5] Lincoln Square

This specific family-friendly community actively organizes farmers’ markets, summertime concerts, wine walks, and more. Almost all of the fun activity happens alongside Lincoln Avenue. You can find independent boutiques, eating places, and a folk-focused music school. Moreover, there is a 15-acre playground that offers an in-house swimming pool and even grounds to play baseball.

6]  Streeterville

Streeterville is a small community filled with buildings that appear to rise into the sky. The vibrant community is between the well-known Magnificent Mile and Gold Coast areas. It also houses many of Chicago’s most recognizable structures. This includes the historic Palmolive building as well as the well-known Drake hotel. There’s also the Museum of Modern Art and the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, which are also popular tourist destinations. In addition, the Navy Pier in Chicago is a popular tourist destination. So it’s no surprise that Streeterville is one of Chicago’s best neighborhoods.

7] Andersonville

A’ville, as local people like to call Andersonville, is a fascinating local area and its occupants are dedicated supporters of community business. It is where a large portion of the autonomous organizations, restaurants, and bars are located. Inside the area, situated on the north side of the city and near Lake Michigan, is a blend of 3-flat apartment buildings, bigger apartment complexes, and single-family homes.

8] Beverly

You will surely find roommates in Chicago’s neighborhood of Beverly. This particular South Side community town offers safe roads for kids to play on, warm plus welcoming neighbors, the best schools, and large properties. Housing will be on the higher side due to these benefits. Beverly furthermore has a rich, varied cultural and entertainment landscape. You will look for a country golf club, arts center, art galleries, several Frank Lloyd Wright houses, dining places, and shopping centers. In addition, the area hosts a 60-acre closed-canopy forest preserve and lots of beautiful parks.

9] Uptown

Argyle Street has the best Vietnamese and Thai food in the city, yet inside Uptown, you’ll find cafes serving incredible Chinese, Ethiopian and Mexican foodstuffs. Situated along Lake Michigan on the city’s north side and around 5 miles from the Loop, Uptown clamors with exceptionally dynamic live music concerts and nightlife scenes. This place is best for those who are foodies and love going to concerts.

10] South Shore

Many celebrities visit the South Shoreline Cultural Center in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago for recreational activities. It’s also where President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama got married. The area alongside Lake Michigan can be 9 miles south of the Loop. This city features a health club, health and fitness center, area garden, and beachfront house with wonderful bath facilities and a pier to get boats.


The best Chicago neighborhood is the particular one that checks all the marks on your checklist. Each of the neighborhoods mentioned above contains a unique character. You’ll most likely find the best room for rent in Chicago based on what you’re seeking. We hope this blog will help you find out the most pleasant neighborhoods in Chicago. It’s not difficult to see why many individuals fantasize about moving to Chicago. But, it may be hard to decide where to find the ideal rentals in the best Chicago neighborhoods for both singles and families.

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