Lavaxgrll in The Reality show season 3


Lavaxgrll is a famous social media influencer who is young and beautiful with a huge fan following on her social media accounts. She has around 500k followers on her Instagram, and this number is growing at a fast pace. Her pet name is Mariah, and she is the most potent contestant on the show.

Mariah is a 24 years old young and beautiful model who is loved chiefly due to her stunning physique, great sense of dress, and profession. She is a Native American who was born in California in 1998, and her parents also belong to the white ethnicity of America.

There are nine other contestants on the reality show who are also social media influencers; however, she is the most favorite and influential contestant among them.

Lavaxgrll net worth

There are no reliable sources available on the internet who can claim her net worth because she has never debated this topic. Still, one thing is for sure about her net worth: she earns more than an average American because she has various sources of income.

Lavaxgrll a social media influencer where fans love her photos and videos; she also sells her explicit content on Only Fans, which also contributes to her earnings, she is a professional account and works for a bank in California, which also adds to her earnings, and lastly, she is a strong contestant of The Reality House show where she has earned various prizes.

She is closer to becoming the show’s winner, which means she will receive a $300,000 cash prize. Furthermore, because of her huge fan base, stunning looks, and other achievements, that time is not far when she will be charging $100,000 for a single play. Lavaxgrll has also participated in various endorsements and web series.

Passion for modeling and gaming

You might have heard that she loves modeling, and for that, she takes good care of her body and frequently checks her weight to ensure she is in a perfect position. She is 5’7″ inches tall and has a body weight of 55 kg. This height and weight make her an ideal model.

When it comes to her passion for gaming, some people might be shocked that she loves playing video games because she is a member of Twitch, an online platform designed for gamers to live stream their video games. She started getting a good response from the fans, who followed her on social media. This way, she made a significant fan base.

The most powerful contestant

Lavaxgrll is the most potent contestant in the reality show season 3. This show is broadcasted live on the internet, and those who purchase a subscription will be able to watch the show; otherwise, there are no other options such as broadcasting on TV channels.

Each reality show episode receives 1 million views, so being the most potent content means that most of those viewers are her fans. But this is not the only source her fans come from; instead, her fans also come from her adult content and Twitch.

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