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Your business website is mostly the first point of contact with online visitors. If you want them to identify and find your website, you need to attract them with search engine optimization (SEO). An optimized website will help increase its visibility, improve its ranking, bring qualified traffic, and generate valuable leads.

To make your small or startup business in Australia or any other place successful, you need to have a recognizable, user-friendly, and customized website, which can use the potential of search engines. With the best SEO service Australia, you can improve your website’s online visibility and search engine rankings.

Businesses today face fierce competition online. A well-designed website is not enough to attract potential customers if it cannot be found online. A Simple SEO tool can help your business website have good visibility and significant impact.

Get to know some best features of a Simple SEO tool

The main objective of SEO is to have a particular website on top of the search engine results to beat off the competition. With Simple SEO, you can do website optimization through easy steps. Here are some distinctive features that help you have the most out of the tool.

·         Quick and easy-to-perform steps

By signing up for a Simple SEO plan, you can perform SEO actions in easy-to-understand steps. The tool gives you an action plan with a complete step-by-step guide to solving small or big SEO issues. If your startup business is in Australia, you can have a local SEO action plan, user-friendly templates, and how-to-do videos to help improve the search engine rankings of your website.

·         Use relevant keywords

You need to determine which keywords your target customers are searching for. The Simple SEO tool uses machine learning or artificial intelligence-powered algorithms to collect, analyse, and evaluate numerous data points for the keywords you identify and rank for. It then creates a list of specific actions based on the priority to help you perform and increase your website’s rankings in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Some recommendations for actions are on essential aspects like content creation, brand marketing, website design, social media marketing, and web and mobile development.

·         Quick reporting

Simple SEO will serve you a report to track your website’s performance. The comprehensive reporting includes rank analysis to show your ranking in search engines, link building, on-site analysis, and current indexing. With this report, you can know the actions that helped improve your website’s reachability and ranking.

How does a Simple SEO tool work?

Simple SEO offers a web-based solution that helps drive traffic to your website and improve its search engine rankings. The tool generates a customized action plan and takes you through it in easy steps. You can find a suitable service provider in Australia who can offer a basic, premium, or ultimate plan for your business based on its requirement. Here’s how the tool works:

  • Once you have chosen a Simple SEO plan, it will ask you to answer some questions related to your business, location, website, and industry.
  • Next, identify and provide keywords connected with your business, product, or service, which are those your target customers use to search online.
  • Simple SEO will search and analyse each keyword on the leading websites listed on the search engines using multiple algorithms. It will show the keywords having a huge impact on customers.
  • Next, it generates a list of actions, prioritizes them, and guides you one step at a time through the tasks.
  • Create your own SEO action list with the tasks delegated and their progress.
  • Monitor your website’s performance from comprehensive reports and know the actions that contributed to your site’s better search engine rankings.

You can look for a reliable SEO service Australia provider offering the best Simple SEO plans. It can help to attain your business objective.

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