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JemRock Organization to focus on delivering 10,000 plus affordable luxury apartments in Manhattan

JemRock OrganizationSS Jemal President & CEO and Norman S. Jemal COO of JemRock Organization LLC will focus on delivering 10,000 to 20,000 affordable luxury apartments beginning in New York City and ultimately to multiple other US and global cities worldwide. JemRock’s trademark pending CENTRAL brand will initially launch in Manhattan through a blistering marketing campaign that is planned to be conducted by Mr. George Shea, principal of Shea Communications, based in New York City. “Shea Communications is in my opinion the top-of-the-line PR and Marketing firm in New York City today and George Shea, whom has become a very trusted friend to me, is absolutely at the top of his game and is the best of the best at his trade in my opinion and I would be honored to have him lead the CENTRAL marketing charge”, said SS Jemal glowingly.

JemRock Organization has been created to realize SS Jemal’s mission to convert existing buildings, beginning in Manhattan into thousands of affordable luxury apartments for sale and/or rent through the CENTRAL brand.The entire CENTRAL Master plan shall be executed from concept-to-completion, by a truly world-class team of NYC centric professional specialists that JemRock has assembled.

“Manhattan is alive and kicking in terms of the demand for an affordable luxury apartment at a reasonable price and there is a very short supply” said SS Jemal. “What JemRock is looking to do and what CENTRAL will deliver to the masses is unique to the market place. The six-figure earner has long ago been driven out of Manhattan, to the outlining boroughs and they’re living in sub-standard walkup buildings with zero amenities, yet they are paying top-dollar in rent” continued SS Jemal.

JemRock Organization

A typical CENTRAL building is located in an“AAA” Manhattan neighborhood in close proximity to the NYC Subway system. It is one of the many older magnificent pre-war Manhattan buildings complete with energy efficient windows, heat, air-conditioning and sprinkler system. CENTRAL will feature a dedicated floor for what SS Jemal has dubbed “WorkWell”, where the resident can rent a glass cubicle work station with a state-of-the-art conference room available by reservation for larger meetings and video conferencing. “A CENTRAL residents’ commute to work would simply be an elevator ride downstairs” said SS Jemal. To top it off, the uper floors of these buildings will be converted into what SS Jemal has dubbed “FitWell”, which features a state-of-the-art fitness, gym, pilates and yoga studios complete with organic juice bars and restaurants. It does not end there as SS Jemal said “the CENTRAL master plan calls for integrating and connecting the top floor to the rooftop to capitalize on the magnificent midtown Manhattan views. A spiral staircase leading from the FitWell floor to the roof is envisioned and the rooftop will feature a fire-pit, bar and lounge area with live DJ performances really providing a “club-like” vibe and atmosphere to keep this building rocking”. SS Jemal’s son Norman S. Jemal, COO of JemRock added that “The CENTRAL core mission statement and credo is to live by our very own trademark pendings logan mark: “Live, Work, Be Well”. Norman added that “while these luxury apartments will be affordable in price and our target customer is that six-figure earner, I feel very confident that the millionaires, or their children will also be knocking at our doors”. Norman also added “I also think CENTRAL will become the desired apartment for a New York City student and this place will rock 24/7 and you do not even have to leave your building to do just about anything and really live a great life and when you want to go out you’re right in the middle of the city. Nobody Beats CENTRAL!” Norman S. Jemal exclaimed, quoting his father’s prior Wiz prefix to his slogan mark and very famous brand “Nobody Beats The Wiz”.

SS Jemal was born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, as a 1st generation introductory tech American. He is the most youthful of 8 kids who were pushed and selected to begin performing at a very delicate age. He emanated his principles and ethical values from his high-quality mother and father and cherished the significance of his relative circle and family harmony. Jemal commenced his business career out with several showcases of electronics operating as a concession in his father’s bargain store in Spanish Harlem in Manhattan. By the age of 16, Jemal had three area specialty electronics and records shops in Spanish Harlem discounting electronics and records. 

In 1976, SS Jemal opened his first “Nobody Beats The Wiz” store on Fulton Street in Downtown Brooklyn. Eventually, it developed to one hundred ten outlets in 6 states with a 6,000 person workforce and revenues of $2B. Due to this speedy growth and cost-consciousness, after his seventh store SS Jemal founded his own in-house construction company. SS Jemal employed six hundred tradesmen to construct over 20M sf of retail stores, office space, distribution and shopping centers; where upon he learned first-hand EVERY aspect of construction, from idea concept-to-completion. SS Jemal had his own individual, personally directed staff of in-house CAD designers and architects and he would “Value Engineer” (VE), all architectural projects, with his staff of building professionals, project managers and estimators well previous to pencil ever hitting architectural document. This novel and innovative procedure avoided expenditure over runs, modified orders and the brutal extras relative to them and will guide Jemal in JemRock’s new CENTRAL venture. Not only did Jemal create each store and shopping center, but JemRock Organizationhe also further designed, developed, manufactured and fabricated in-house all fixtures required and installed the resulting entire “fit-out” of the stores and offices. Everything contained in a Wiz store was planned, designed, constructed and installed by SS Jemal and his construction team of experts. All the materials utilized were purchased directly from the original manufacturers, in bulk with “favored nation’s status clauses” in all his contracts to save money. He had all sub-contractors bid each job with Time & Materials (T&M), to further capitalize on the economies of scale and primarily provide all the resources required for controlling the building project and process. This distinctive process of total integration of design, planning strategy, fixture manufacturing, building control, tradesmen, the whole fit-out installation,  provided Jemal with an incredible expertise base with which to construct cost effectively, efficiently and expeditiously; and of critical significance, managing all elements of the design and construction process  from inception to conclusion, eliminating any delays or expense over runs. SS Jemal’smetiers art design, construction, advertising, marketing and branding, which are demonstrated to be of significant significance in the scheduled releasing of the CENTRAL trademark. As per the Advertising Age 2000 magazine, The Wiz stood as the thirteenth most acknowledged brand name in the USA, while merely being a Northeast provincial retail merchant, with numeral twelve, the world-renowned Pepsi-Cola. This first-hand understanding of construction and brand-building functions as the base for Jemal to construct his next venture, CENTRAL, into a Best-in-Class brand for affordable luxury apartments catering to the huge amounts of six-figure employees, as opposed to only marketing to the multi-millionaires.

JemRock Organization

JemRock’s CENTRAL masterplan and roll-out strategy will originally jettison in Manhattan as residential apartment conversions in existing magnificent structures. CENTRAL will seize on a significantly down NYC market and deliver thousands of affordable luxury apartments to Manhattan. JemRock has organized an indeed best-in-class team of professionals comprised of NYC top-rated specialists and experts. JemRock possesses a distinctive pipeline of existing properties that totally conform to the CENTRAL model. CENTRAL supplies an inexpensive choice to the six-digit wage earner that previously could have never had the chance to live in a prime neighborhood and grand building in Manhattan. The CENTRAL marketing focus are the myriad six-figureearners who were pushed out of Manhattan to the outer boroughs, rather than the multi-millionaires. SS Jemal along with his son Norman S. Jemal have spent the four years focused on very studiously analyzing all the statistics and data relative the Manhattan residential marketplace. With the rising need for apartment rentals and supply decreasing throughout New York City, SS Jemal considers now the excellent moment to launch JemRock’s CENTRAL brand and seize on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that the pandemic has presented.  As SS Jemal stated: “I really do have a remarkable deal-flow and concept that coupled with JemRock’s world-class team, CENTRAL is destined for success. A thoroughly comprehensive plan and launch the CENTRAL brand and concept in Manhattan will soon be fully revealed to the general public and extensively marketed. After initially launching the CENTRAL brand in Manhattan, the JemRock plan is to expand CENTRAL into other key cities in the USA and ultimately globally. This will be efficiently and rapidly implemented in whole with the CENTRAL Core team that has been put together and is in ready to strike”. With the zoning, design, construction, development, advertising, marketing and branding expertise SS Jemal has garnered over many decades, coupled with the CENTRAL world-class team in place that Jemal has assembled, JemRock has a completely totally vertically integrated team of New York City skilled professionals to execute the CENTRAL gameplan from concept-to-completion.

“The fact that these buildings already exist and the JemRock Masterplan is to convert rather than ground-up develop, provides CENTRAL with a huge edge over the competition, both in price and ability to meet the current high demand for Manhattan apartments and the scarcity in the supply line”, said SS Jemal.

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