Is Wellbutrin an Effective Antidepressant?

Is Wellbutrin an Effective Antidepressant?

I hate to disappoint, but I don’t have a concrete answer to whether or not Wellbutrin XL is an effective antidepressant across the board. However, no one does, because antidepressants are very subjective, depending entirely on individual patients. Antidepressants work on neurochemistry, and neurochemistry is somewhat unique and unpredictable beyond a point from one individual to the next. This depends on a host of variables such as genetics, personal medical history, quirks of individuals and other medications being used by a given patient. It can also be predicated on diet, fitness, environmental stimuli both physical and sensory, a host of other things as well. So, the only way to find effective antidepressant medications for any given individual is trial and error, and I would highly recommend that those suffering from significant depression give Wellbutrin XL a try.


Unfortunately, given the ridiculous price of medications due to the equally ridiculous and archaic healthcare system of the United States means that trial and error like this can be dicey and often questionably-effective. Fortunately, there are loopholes to get around the horrible healthcare system here, and believe me when I say that demeaning the healthcare system here isn’t even a politically-charge statement, everyone in just about every political party agrees that the status quo is terrible. We just can’t easily implement something like what Canada or the EU has due to absurd state-level sovereignty, various niche interests and so forth that will make this a challenge that is going to take many more years before we can effectively do it. Remember, we have tried in recent years to implement stopgap transitions, and they haven’t worked too well.

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In the meantime, there are some strategies you can use to significantly, and I do mean significantly reduce the cost of things like Levitra and XL, so that you can conduct this trial and error to find the right antidepressant without breaking the bank. Chief among these are switching to an online pharmacy, which gets rid of brick-and-mortar overhead while also providing various discounts and other customer incentives. Along with this, using a generic, which by law is identical on the functional, dosage and chemical level, will further reduce the price. This isn’t enough, though, with the absurd base cost, so there is one other loophole that can be utilized to very severely reduce the price. This is by choosing a Canadian online pharmacy rather than an American one. As cited above, Canada has what most would agree is a far better healthcare system, and the only reason they have it and we don’t is because Canada is much more homogenous by way of political and idealistic interests than the United States. No offense Canada, I have to admire you all for being on the same page so well. However, this doesn’t mean that their medications and medical treatments are free, they just offset the costs via taxation rather than out-of-pocket cost. Since you don’t pay taxes in Canada, and can more than legally shop across the-approved medications, combined with generic price reduction and online shopping benefits, you can save a ton of money on Wellbutrin XL and if it doesn’t work for you, find the right antidepressant for you. Depression is a scourge, and it can even be fatal, so you owe it to yourself to engage the strategies!

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