Is Living in St Gallen Expensive?


The cost is one of the most critical factors when you’re looking to live in a place. After all, if you can’t afford the rent or mortgage, it’s not going to be very comfortable living in that place. But what about living in Switzerland? Is it costly to live here?

Switzerland has a reputation for being expensive, but is that true? In this article, we’ll look at how much it costs to live in St Gallen in Switzerland and see if it’s worth the price tag.

St Gallen vs. Other Swiss Cities

Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and its citizens enjoy some of the best quality of life. However, not all Swiss cities are created equal – and St Gallen may not be the most affordable option. In fact, according to Numbeo, the cost of living in St Gallen is actually among the highest in Switzerland. It is likely due to the high cost of housing, food, and other necessities. If you’re looking to live on a budget while still enjoying a high quality of life, you should consider one of the other Swiss cities.

But if you love natural beauty, old town, an excellent place to roam around, a place where German culture is prominent. Then St Gallen is for you. The German language is spoken the most apart from Romansh, French and Italian.

St Gallen is undoubtedly cheaper than other prominent cities like Zurich or Bern.

Cost of Living in St Gallen

St Gallen is known for its high quality of life and its affordable cost of living. The average cost of living in St Gallen is about $62,000 per year. That’s about 25% less than the national average. On top of it the cost of living is somewhat low compared to other Swiss cities. It makes it an excellent choice for people looking for an affordable place to live with good quality of life.

One of the main reasons why St Gallen is such a great place to live is its abundance of amenities and services. The city has a wide variety of things to do and see, making it a perfect place for tourists and locals alike. There are also many reputable schools and businesses in the city, making finding a job easy.

When it comes to the cost of living, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, make sure that you are accounting for all of your expenses. Second, be aware that food, housing, and transportation costs can be expensive in St Gallen. On average, the cost of living with rent for four people could be around $ 5,500, and for a single person would be around $2000. Food could cost about $2000 for a family of four and $800 for a single person—however, many affordable places to eat and stay within the city limits.

Overall, St Gallen is an affordable city that offers an excellent quality of life. It’s perfect for individuals looking for a place to call home with plenty of amenities and services.

Taxes in St Gallen

St Gallen has a high rate of taxation, which makes a living in the city expensive. The city collects an average of around CHF 940 per person in taxes, making it one of the most expensive cities in Switzerland. It is due to the high rates of income and value-added taxes, as well as the city’s special status.

Despite this, many people continue to live in St Gallen because of its excellent quality of life and proximity to other major cities.

Employment in St Gallen

St Gallen is a city with a population of about 175,000 people. The unemployment rate is about 3.5%, which is lower than the average unemployment rate in Switzerland (4%). Many jobs are available in the city, and the average salary is around $75,000. Living in St Gallen is expensive, but not as expensive as other cities in Switzerland.

Health Care in St Gallen

Living in St Gallen doesn’t come with a hefty price tag – on the contrary, it can be pretty affordable. In fact, according to Mercer’s 2017 Cost of Living Survey, healthcare costs in St Gallen are lower than in many other European cities. It is likely due to Switzerland’s universal health care system and the fact that healthcare here is expensive only if you opt not to have it. In addition, the city has many excellent hospitals and clinics, making it easy for residents to get the care they need. One may further reduce the premium for health insurance by making a detailed comparison and study of benefits and discounts. All these can be quickly done at some of the best online tools and apps like PrimApp. It is available in four languages, German, French, Italian, and English, increasing its usefulness, especially with ex-pats.

Recreation in St Gallen

St Gallen is known for its many lakes and recreational opportunities. Whether you’re looking to take a hike, bike ride, or swim, the city has something for everyone.

Additionally, St Gallen has several fascinating museums and attractions to explore. Whether you’re a history buff or enjoy art exhibitions, you’ll indeed find something to interest you in the city. Overall, living in St Gallen is not expensive and offers plenty of opportunities for recreation and relaxation.


There’s no single answer to this question as living expenses in St Gallen can vary depending on your specific needs and budget. However, if you’re looking for an overview of average costs associated with living in the city, we’ve put together a few cost-of-living estimates that should give you a good starting point. So our estimated figures should provide some valuable insights, whether you’re planning to move to St Gallen or are just curious about its cost of living.

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