Intrinsic Worth of the GG Token

Intrinsic Worth of the GG Token

What exactly is the GG Token?

GG TKN is a native token for a variety of gaming, e-commerce, and permitted platform initiatives. More than thirty projects recognized by local governments throughout the globe have already received GG Token.

Where can I get GG TKN?

Currently, trading on DEX is accessible at:

·         Flooz.Trade

·         PooCoinArken

·         (BNB/GGTKN) PanCakeSwap

·         PanCakeSwap (GTKN/BUSD)

·         DexTools

Intrinsic Worth of the GG Token

·         All GG TKN ventures will forever provide ongoing rewards and promotions to their users.

·         Commonly, all projects decided to keep either 0.1 USD for each GG TKN or the market value as the exchange rate on their own platforms (whichever is higher at the moment of the transaction).

·         Each project agreed to never resell the token for less than $0.01 on the market.

·         Typically, all of the projects agreed to resale the tokens for a 10 percent premium over their initial value.

Frequently Asked Questions about GG Token

What opportunities do you provide people to be faster, cheaper, more effective, happier, and safer?

We’ll use mobile payments in Africa or worldwide voucher payments as an example. Both are costly (1-12 percent of the transferred amount). With the assistance of GG Token, we can cut the cost of transferring funds to well under 1 percent while retaining its speed, availability on exchanges, broad usage in present and prospective projects, and anonymity feature. No longer will a bank or other financial institution restrict your funds.

What problem do you solve for your clients?

Using BSC BEP20 technology, we provide a low-cost, very rapid alternative to the excruciatingly slow and expensive FIAT money transfers. Another disadvantage is that GG TKN users may stay anonymous while using several services from supported projects.

 Achievements of GG Token

Between 2000 and 2009, the group founded the company while gaining experience as independent contractors on various lottery projects. The notion to establish a website for the selling of lottery tickets crystallized at this moment. Today, the final results are available at Prior to 2015, the firm functioned under a different name; however, after purchasing the domain, it assumed its present moniker. The name Lotto Park was chosen since it has the same spelling and meaning in almost all languages. The success of Lotto Park inspired the development team to establish and launch, which offers the possibility of running a Lotto Park-like platform under a white label. Every month, a new partner and web platform are introduced. The time required to construct a fully functional technology lowered from months to weeks by using an innovative technology strategy and developing the whole platform internally from scratch.

According to, the lottery messenger service industry is one of the largest in Internet history. Customers are very trustworthy, and monthly sales growth is substantial. Because of the enormous rollovers in European and American lotteries, which occasionally surpass $100,000,000 and draw worldwide media attention, White Lotto’s partners get free publicity for their services. In 2017, the most ambitious concept and undertaking to far were introduced: a worldwide lottery game with a prize pool shared by all countries participating in the GG World game, analogous to Powerball or Euro jackpot. The project assists area charitable organizations. The company acquires its first licenses in Africa, and the GG International team, which takes over White Lotto’s administration and now aids lottery businesses, prepares the White Paper for the initiative.

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