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Bathing in milk is considered a Vedic tradition and consists of incredible and several benefits. In the modern age, amid a busy lifestyle and several duties of life, taking a milk bath or mixing some milk in your bath water can help you to get more vitality and energy and relieve you from mental distress.

If you feel that you lack interest in everything, and you are becoming a pessimist with no self-confidence about yourself, you can choose to take a milk bathing. According to a prominent astrologer in Canada, some people who are addicted to immoral things can also take help from a milk bath to improve their quality of life.

Significance of a milk bath

According to Vedic Astrology, milk is symbolic of the Moon. Astrology considers that the Moon determines and influences the inner personality of a person. You can find a relationship between bathing in milk, the Moon, and the mind. Moon is considered the most influential planet according to Vedic Astrology. The Moon has the most potential power to control one’s mind, including emotions and mental stability.

Therefore, you must keep in mind to keep the position of the Moon balanced. You must also be sure of not having a negative position on the Moon. According to the teachings of ancient scripts and the Vedic Astrology, you can find several remedies to reduce the negative impacts of the Moon on your life. You can also take a bath with curd and meditate on Lord Moon to get his blessings for a prosperous future.

Role of bathing in milk according to Vedic astrology

According to Vedic Astrology, you have often heard several traditional remedies for leading a prosperous and happy family life. Hindu families have a tradition of saying “Doodho nahao, pootho phalo”. It is symbolic of bathing in milk and giving birth to sons. The note is associated with milk bathing and the relationship between husband and wife.

  • If you have a weak position on the planets Jupiter and Venus, you can take a regular bath in milk to get motivation in your life. Vedic Astrology suggests you bathe with cow milk and Tumeric water mixed together. It isd considered an effective remedy to strengthen the position of these planets in your zodiac. You can opt for happiness and prosperity in your family life. Most people face ups and downs in life. Astrology suggests regularly mixing a little amount of curd in your bathing water to overcome the tough situations in life.
  • If you want to get a strong bond with your partner, astrology suggests you not take a bath in plain water on special occasions like your spouse’s birthday, wedding anniversary, etc. You can add two teaspoons of raw milk to your water and take a bath to cherish your relationship more.
  • Rahu is considered a Navagraha among the nine astronomical bodies. Moreover, it is also a shadow planet and the king of meteors. It is often considered to bring malefic influence in your life. According to astrology, if you cannot settle your argument with your partner or face hurdles in your marital life, Rahu is heavy upon you. You can add a cup of milk to a bucket of water and take a bath at least for 43 days. It is a remedy to lower the malefic influence of Rahu.
  • According to astrologer in Toronto, Saturn is considered a mysterious planet. The planet is responsible for doing unexpected things even in your best times. If you find that the position of Saturn is in the 8th house of a birth chart, it is considered to bring trouble in your life. The malefic influence can destroy your mental state and create anxiety and depression in your mind. Even in such cases, astrologers advise using milk in bathing water as a remedy to overcome the negative impacts of Saturn and provide a blissful life to you.
  • Lord Shiva is one of the most potential Gods in Hinduism. The Vedic scriptures have also mentioned “Rudrabishekam” as the most important spiritual puja. Rudra is the other name of Lord Shiva and the most potential power on this earth. Vedic astrology suggests pouring milk on the Shivling, which is symbolic of the source of energy. If you want to get blessings from Lord Shiva, you can worship him by offering milk. It is considered to attract more positive energy in your life and get divine serenity of mind.


So, here are the best benefits, according to Vedic astrology, that are associated with taking a bath in milk. However, you can also take help from a renowned astrologer to learn more about the benefits of talking milk bathing.

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