Instagram Growth Strategies that are Proven to Work


It seems like everyone is talking about the massive power and reach that is possible through Instagram, but not many people understand how to actually start the process. Through the mix of a winning content creation and marketing strategy, anyone can get more IG followers every day with just a little bit of effort in place.

If you’d like to see your social posts viewed by more people, you need to have a proper mix of quality content and promotion in place. Promote your posts using hash tags, create a user voted competition, or use content scheduling to publish your posts at specific times. These are all proven methods to make sure the most people can see your content as possible.

If you’re just starting out with Instagram, it may be helpful to read some of the basics before you start using the app to promote your posts. For more information, check out each of the data points and recommendations listed below.

Why Instagram is Great for Marketing

Marketing on Instagram is a powerful way to build a connection with your audience and to showcase your brand’s visual identity. In fact, more than one billion active users use Instagram each month, which means that your audience is more likely to interact with you. Moreover, you can engage your audience through visual content that reflects your brand’s unique personality and story. The platform allows you to capture your brand identity easily, as it is an immersive social experience.

As a social media platform, people are naturally talking about brands on Instagram. They are already posting pictures and videos of your brand and commenting on their content. To improve your brand’s online presence, you need to understand how your followers feel about your brand. You should also know how to identify your brand advocates in Instagram. Using a tool like Iconosquare to find and analyze your followers’ posts on Instagram will allow you to tap into this gold mine of data.

Promoting Your Posts with Hashtags

You have no doubt seen a million photos or videos on Instagram, but few marketers have learned how to use hashtags to promote their posts. Instagram’s algorithm makes it difficult for brands to stand out in a sea of advertisers. Using hashtags to promote your posts can help you gain more visibility in the feed of potential customers. Hashtags work like SEO keywords, creating a common link between posts. They can be used in nearly any part of your profile. To ensure you get the most engagement, however, you should first develop a marketing strategy and goals before you start using hashtags.

There are two main types of hashtags: popular and niche. Popular hashtags may be overused, so choose niche ones if possible. Using niche hashtags is the best way to stay top-of-mind in Instagram’s Recent section. Remember that posts are sorted by their original post date, so using hashtags that relate to your content will help it appear higher on the search results page. But keep in mind that the algorithm and community guidelines discourage the use of repetitive content.

Using Content Scheduling to Public Posts

Using Content Scheduling to publicize your Instagram posts can be an effective way to improve your marketing efforts. Instagram has many tools for scheduling posts, including the official Instagram app. These applications are more reliable because they don’t cause disconnections or negatively affect your account. Most are also designed for teams, allowing several users to edit content and run reports. This can make it easier for you to publish consistently crafted content.

If you have multiple accounts and need Instagram scheduling, Pallyy is an excellent choice. With unlimited social accounts, Pallyy is particularly useful for scheduling Instagram posts. There are several different plans to choose from, including a free plan for one social account, a monthly cap for 15 posts, and a paid plan for unlimited users. Alternatively, if you are using Facebook, Sendible is a useful social media management tool for Instagram. It offers a calendar that helps you schedule posts, manage your posts, and even add @mentions and hashtags.

Best Times to Post Content on Instagram

Sprout Social has done some research on the best times to post content on Instagram. They’ve looked at data from 2020 and found that Monday to Friday at 11am is one of the most effective times to post content. Tuesdays at 2pm are another good time to post. The new Instagram feature, Reels, is also a huge hit and 58% of marketers plan to leverage it by 2022. These videos, usually 15 to 30 seconds long, allow you to capture the culture and collaborate with your community.

In addition to weekdays, people tend to check their phones during lunch. Posting content at 11:00 AM to 2 PM CDT will generate a lot of engagement. On weekends, posting between 8 and 9 AM CDT is also great. While this time slot is more suited for breakfast, lunchtime and afternoon tea, it’s also good for posting content that can be easily shared. As an added bonus, live Instagram is great for reaching a large audience.

Instagram Summary

One of the best Instagram growth strategies is to create a user-voted competition. In this way, viewers can vote on their favorite post. This strategy requires that you post different types of content regularly. For example, you can experiment with a carousel post rather than a portrait. In addition, you should reply to comments to build a relationship with your followers. In this way, you will have an audience that is constantly engaged with your brand.

Another great Instagram growth strategy is to write a captivating bio. Include a concise description of your business and your brand personality. Use a link-in-bio tool to create a landing page tailored to Instagram. It can increase clicks and conversions from your posts. It also allows you to send followers to different pages, making the most of one link in your bio. Instagram offers free insights and analytics. If you haven’t done so already, check out these tips!

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