In-Depth Guide to Change TP-Link Extender WiFi Name

After installing the TP-Link range extender, you need to change its WiFi name. The reason being after the TP Link extender setup process, the default WiFi name is assigned to your extender. If not changed, it will become difficult for you to identify the name of your TP-Link extender on the network list. In this post, we will guide you to change the WiFi name of your TP-Link extender. So let’s get started.

How to Change TP-Link Extender WiFi Name?

You can change the TP-Link extender WiFi name:

  1. By accessing

  1. Using the TP-Link Tether app.

Now, let us shed light on both methods to change the WiFi name of your TP-Link range extender.

Change WiFi Name via

Follow the guidelines mentioned below in order to change the WiFi name of your TP-Link extender by accessing

  • First of all, find a wall outlet near your home router and plug your TP-Link extender into it.

  • Now, press the Power button.

  • Wait patiently until and unless the power LED on your TP-Link repeater becomes solid.

  • Thereafter, connect your TP-Link extender to the host router either with the help of an Ethernet cable or using a wireless source.

  • Done? Good! Now, get access to a PC or laptop.

  • Open an internet browser.

  • Go to the URL field.

  • Type into it.

  • Press the Enter key.

Note: In case you come across not working issue, try to access the TP-Link extender login page using the default IP address.

  • The tplinkrepeater login page will appear in the next window.

  • Input the username you’ve assigned to your TP-Link extender during the initial setup process on the login page.

  • Click Log In.

  • You will reach the web-based management utility of the TP-Link extender.

  • After reaching there, click the Settings menu.

  • Now, select Wireless > Extended Network.

  • Thenceforth, either click Copy Host SSID or Extend 2.4GHz SSID to create a new SSID.

  • Click the Save button.

In this manner, you can change the TP-Link extender WiFi name by accessing Just in case you don’t want to involve yourself in a mess of accessing, you can also change the extender’s WiFi name using the TP-Link Tether app.

Change WiFi Name Using TP-Link Tether App

Follow these steps to change the TP-Link WiFi name using the Tether app:

  • Ensure that your TP-Link extender is switched on.

  • Now, unlock your mobile device.

  • The next step is to download the TP-Link Tether app. So, go to the Google Play Store or App Store.

  • Search for the TP-Link Tether app.

  • Tap the Download button and let the Tether app get installed on your mobile device.

  • Launch the app.

  • Register your TP-Link extender.

  • Log in to your extender using the tplinkrepeater credentials.

  • You will reach the main screen of your TP-Link repeater.

  • Click the Extended Network option.

  • Thereafter, change the Network Name of your extended network.

  • Tap Save.

  • The WiFi name of your TP-Link extender will get changed.

In this way, you can change the WiFi name of your TP-Link device using the Tether app. Remember that after changing the WiFi name, the extender’s old name won’t appear on the network list. So, to connect your client devices to the extender, you need to use the new WiFi name.

Although you can change the extender’s WiFi name easily, however, if you can’t, refer to the below-mentioned troubleshooting hacks:

Can’t Change TP-Link Extender WiFi Name?

  • Plug your TP-Link range extender into a working wall socket only. Keep in mind that using a damaged wall socket might result in an insufficient power supply to the extender.

  • Make sure that there is a proper connection between your TP-Link extender and the host router. For this, you need to place them close to each other. However, avoid keeping them too close. Else, you’ll run into more technical issues than the one you’re already facing.

  • If you’re changing the WiFi name by accessing, ensure that you’re using an updated web browser. Also, do not use a cached web browser to change the TP-Link extender WiFi name.

  • The default tplinkrepeater login credentials are case-sensitive. Therefore, type them carefully for successfully logging in to the TP-Link range extender.

  • Verify that your TP-Link device is placed nowhere near electromagnetic waves emitting devices, mirrors, fish tanks, metal objects like aluminum studs, and doors.

Final Thoughts

This was all about how to change the TP-Link extender WiFi name. We hope that you’ll be able to change the extender’s WiFi name in a hassle-free manner with the help of this guide.

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