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ice staff upgrade

Discover the components of the Ice Staff in Origins and how to upgrade it. As a result, every one of my tutorials includes a number of images, maps, and puzzle codes.

The Xbox One’s backward compatibility with Black Ops 2 and Zombies Chronicles: Origins makes it a fantastic opportunity to start improving the Ice Staff.

In Origins, a fantastic weapon that can instantly freeze and liquefy undead is the Ice Staff. The default version makes it far more challenging to flee from a pack of frozen enemies.

The charged assault (or super strike, if you want) with the enhanced Ice Staff causes a massive snowfall to envelop nearby zombies. It works well as a camp support weapon due to its long-range hits.

Therefore, let’s begin with the Ice Staff’s most fundamental part and see how we might obtain it.

How To Get Ice Staff

The gramophone staff needs a coloured and a black disc, just like every other staff member in Origins. The gramophone is necessary for the Ice Staff’s BLUE gateway (Ice Portal).

What Room Is The Disc In?

Next to Generator 2 is consistently the blue disc. If not there, then nearby, on the table, shelf, or exit door.

Components And Positions

Wherever the Ice Staff pieces are placed, rules must be adhered to. You have to dig out the collected trash when it snows. Each excavation site and section of the map are typically unlocked once discovered.

Black Disc

To obtain the key to the excavation site’s basement, use the Black Disc and Gramophone. One of the three statements listed below will always apply to you.

  • On the Generator 2 side of the excavation walkway, a box is positioned directly across from the church’s main entrance.
  • wheelbarrow-powered excavation close to PaP


The principal excavation site is always one floor below the Gramophone (dig site). To access the hidden Staff sub-level, the Gramophone must be set on the table. The gramophone can be taken out by opening the excavation site.

The End Is Near.

A complete gramophone is present in Generator 6. (back of the church). After exiting the tunnel and setting your gramophone on the table, the blue doorway becomes visible. After acquiring the crystal from the blue pedestal, build the blue gateway.

To reach the statue’s level, go back to the previous excavation location.

There Are Several Strategies To Improve Your Health.

1. Solve The Ice Staff’s Predicament.

Cross the blue vortex to the strange location using the Ice Staff. Slabs with a blue label should be clearly identifiable. Observe the blue insignia on the wall as well.

Fire the appropriate slab from the ceiling with the Ice Staff to match the one on the wall’s sign. Recently.

Puzzle Codes:

Get out of this crazy world and back to reality. Before being replaced, the Ice Staff was utilised three times.

2. Shoot The Gravestones

1 Gravestone

From the mud pool of Generator 6, a gravestone faces the excavation site (next to the Soul Box mud pool).

2 Gravestone

Generator 6 Jug is near to the Mud Pool with Soul Box. The edge of the map is marked with a gravestone facing away from Jug.

3 Gravestone 

The third memorial stone bears an inscription.

The basement of the Generator 2 building is a disaster. A robot arm is next to a banned gravestone.

3. Sort Your Gems Properly

Consider the ring-like constructions atop the Staff sculptures on the excavation site’s lower level. They’re all different. To align all BLUE diamonds, each ring must be spun.

Using levers on wooden scaffolding platforms along the excavation site’s pathway They resemble a switch in both form and function.

Once the rings are aligned, the Ice Staff can be used to propel the blue ball through them.

4. Help The Staff (Collect Souls)

Use the BLUE door to go back to the crazy place. Put the Ice Staff next to where the gem was found. Kill two to thirty zombies nearby and charge the staff.

To use the enhanced version, grab the staff.

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