Hyperbaric oxygenation – treatment in a pressure chamber

Hyperbaric oxygenation – treatment in a barometric chamber (oxygen capsule) – is a treatment that increases the oxygen level in the blood and body tissues through the action of hyperbaric oxygen, which is oxygen at high atmospheric pressure.

This treatment stimulates new processes of cell production and oxygen flow to areas suffering from oxygen deficiency and thus allows wounds to heal and stimulates the activity of tissues that are not sufficiently oxygenated.

What is hyperbaric oxygenation – treatment in a hyperbaric chamber?

The treatment takes place in a special cylindrical chamber made of air pressure-resistant materials, with seats for patients and medical staff.

Each seat has an individual oxygen mask or a transparent hood through which 100% oxygen is inhaled. The hyperbaric chamber receives air at a pressure of 2-6 atmospheres.

Routine treatment in a recompression chamber lasts for two consecutive hours inside the recompression chamber at 2 atmospheres and alternating breathing of 100% oxygen and normal air.

Treatment in the hyperbaric chamber is painless and completely safe. The sensation in the hyperbaric chamber is similar to what we feel when taking off in an airplane, and so there may be pressure in the ears, which can be overcome by drinking water or blowing out the ears.

Hyperbaric Chambers are manufactured for home use as well – not only for specialized Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy clinics. Consumers can purchase a Hyperbaric Chamber for home use, install it (with the help of technicians) and start receiving HBOT treatment by themselves.

There are many companies who construct Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy chambers for home use. A simple online search will bring you several results. If you want to save some time, check this article from FoodNurish.com. They’ve done the research and they recommend some of the best HBOT chambers for home use.

What are the effects of therapy in a recompression chamber?

When we inhale oxygen, it enters the lungs and from there into the bloodstream. Under normal conditions, oxygen is transported by red blood cells (red blood cells) and hemoglobin.

Pure oxygen, which is inhaled in the hyperbaric chamber, dissolves in the blood in large quantities and reaches the affected tissues at a concentration of about 1200% relative to the normal concentration of oxygen in the blood.

In this process, the body’s natural healing mechanisms are accelerated by increasing growth factors in the cells and stem cells in particular.

Benefits of high oxygen concentration for body tissues:

  • Accelerates the healing processes of hard-to-heal wounds
  • Accelerates the growth of skin tissue.
  • Helps repair small blood vessels.
  • Accelerates the formation of new bone tissue.
  • Reduces swelling.
  • Reduces damage from various toxins, such as smoke inhalation.
  • Helps with inflammatory bowel disease – according to this study.

What conditions and diseases are treated in a recompression chamber?

Pressure chamber treatment at Ichilov Hospital is used for 3 main groups of diseases:

  • Consequences of radioactive irradiation
  • Difficult-to-heal wounds.
  • Neurological and cognitive disorders in adults and children.

Note that if you happen to have any neurological and cognitive disorder issues, there are several medication and over the counter supplements (e.g Cognibiotics) that can offer tremendous help.

In addition, hyperbaric therapy treats conditions such as:

  • fibromyalgia, (source)
  • sudden hearing loss (source)
  • sports injuries and more.

To verify compliance with this method of treatment, patients must bring their medical reports with them, which will be reviewed by professional medical staff and an appropriate individual treatment plan will be made for them

Treatment of a wound that is difficult to heal (a “complicated” wound)

The definition of a complicated wound is a wound that does not heal within 4-6 weeks despite performing various therapeutic procedures to heal the wound. Complex wounds are often seen in diabetic patients or patients after radiation therapy.

Since healing processes are energy-intensive, it is known that the basic energy required for tissue healing is lacking in an oxygen deficient environment. With hyperbaric therapy – treatment with pressurized oxygen, it is possible to deliver to the wound tissue the amount of oxygen necessary for the healing processes.

Wound healing is delayed due to a number of reasons:

  • Local factors, such as stress, wet or dry environment, which can be changed and eliminated with advice and communication of necessary information.
  • Systemic factors such as infection, swelling and problems with tissue oxygen supply. Lack of oxygen in the tissues causes a serious disruption of the healing process.

Treatment in a hyperbaric chamber by delivering 100% oxygen at high atmospheric pressure increases the concentration of free oxygen in the blood and thus increases the amount of oxygen transferred to the tissues of the body.

Final Take

The Hyperbaric oxygen therapy:

  • Stimulates the formation of new blood vessels.
  • Promotes the multiplication of connective cells and collagen
  • Increases the activity of bone tissue cells for the repair and production of new bone tissue.
  • Promotes an increase in the number of stem cells in the wound area and their assimilation.
  • In addition, hyperbaric oxygen directly or indirectly enhances the antibacterial activity of the body.
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