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Huawei is making significant progress in the development of a seamlessly connected ecosystem that connects all the Huawei devices straightforwardly. The company has recently announced super device software called huawei smart office that will allow Huawei devices to connect seamlessly.

All of your devices can be turned into one cohesive unit to share capabilities and resources. The super device software marks a smooth transition in the development of collaboration in communications between smartphones, laptops, fitness brands, smart watches, and smart home devices. You can use your Huawei smartphone apps on Huawei laptops, tablets, and other devices excitedly using the new super device software.

The very lifeline of the Huawei smart office is the HarmonyOS, a distributive operating system designed by Huawei that treats all devices as though they are one. HarmonyOS is distributive in that all devices share information and resources through the same information channel. Know how the connected devices work together by following steps.

Laptop & Smartphone

You can connect laptop and smartphone and share capabilities in various ways.

  • Open more windows, see an exact UI of your phone on the Matebook screen, use up three phone app windows simultaneously and get amazing levels of multitasking.
  • Easy and free file-access, access your phone files through the Matebook and edit them using keyboard and mouse, all the changes will be saved to your phone.
  • Seamless calling, don’t be dragged away from what you are working on, take calls through The Matebook on your phone seamlessly, and stay focused on your work.

Laptop & Tablet

There are three modes for you when you connect laptop and tablet.

  • Extend mode, open two Matebook programs simultaneously, on both tablet and the Matebook screens, best for taking notes during a video call and an online class.
  • Mirror mode, see what’s on the matebook screen mirrored in real-time to the tablet screen, the tablet can work as a sketch pad for working on Matebook design projects.
  • In collaborative mode, your tablet can use the same keyboard and mouse at the same time and files can be dragged back and forth across the operating system with smart features.

Laptop & Monitor

Share your vision on the big screen wirelessly to an external monitor and enjoy reducing image blur when zooming in with cinema level.  Apart from that, enjoy high definition quality and low latency data transmission. Expand your computer screen to a Huawei vision to share on one screen when working on the other screen

Final Words

With the super device software, you can transfer files and share ideas rapidly without wires. Once your matebook is connected to your tablet, computer, and smartphone, you can transfer files and share capabilities between devices simultaneously with privacy and security.

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