How to Write Promotional Texts for an Online School


How do you tell clients about your course? With the help of text. It can be landing pages, e-mails, phone calls, videos. In all cases, your task is to create a compelling text that will inspire the trust of the target audience and push them to quickly complete the targeted action.

There are few techniques for you that are suitable for texts about educational projects and you need best certified translators.

When composing sales texts, use a clear structure.

Remember that you are not writing a fiction novel. The intricate plot and retreats play against you here. The task of the selling text is to win the trust of the reader and give arguments for a quick purchase. To make sure that the text turned out, check it for compliance with the structure:

Problem. What is the problem that your online course helps solve?

Solution. Tell us how you propose to solve this problem.

Benefits. Why is it worth contacting you to solve this problem?

Evidence. How do you convince readers that you can solve this problem and give the result that he wants? Customer reviews, the achievements of the company and its experts work well here (how many years they have been working on the market, how many clients have been helped, which large companies have used the services, what measurable results the clients had).

First abstracts, then text

Before you create coherent advertising text, formulate the main theses for it. What should the reader learn from your message? What are the main thoughts to take?

Write down the main points of your proposal on a piece of paper, and then, when the text is ready, see if all these are obvious to the reader.

Check if the text meets the needs of the target audience

Your potential client is not a spherical horse in a vacuum, but a living person with specific pains and expectations. If he does not recognize his request and his needs in the text, he will pass by.

Study the target audience and its needs. Try to look at the advertising text through her eyes and answer honestly the questions:

Does the target audience really need your product?

Did the client meet something new in the text?

is there any other way to solve the problem besides your suggestion? Why should a client choose you over these methods?

How attractive are the benefits you are writing about to the client?

how realistic are the promises you make in the text?

Is there evidence in the text to back up the promises?

Have you shown how the customer’s life will change after purchasing the product?

is the text easy to read?

It’s also helpful to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and think, “What do I want to know in order to buy the product?”

Think about how you can mitigate the shortcomings of the product, if any.

There are no perfect offers. And rest assured, an attentive reader will pay attention to the shortcomings of your product, no matter how deep you hide them.

The way out is to be the first to announce them but present the nuances in the form of hidden benefits.

Is the company new to the market? means that you have a fresh approach, modern technologies and the enthusiasm of newcomers on your side. You just can’t afford to work poorly

Does the course you offer take a very long time? This means that during the training, clients will receive fundamental knowledge, and they will also be able to apply them already during the course.

Is the topic of the course narrow and only professionals can appreciate its significance? – it means that you offer an elite product, and your customers with its help will be able to enter the club of super-professionals.

Don’t gloss over the nuances. Just look at them in terms of the possibilities they provide.

Pay attention to which chain your advertising text will be in

If you are writing text for a landing page that will be visited by a “cold” audience, it is worth talking a little about the company and its results. But this information is redundant if you create the text of the letter that will be received by a client who is waiting for a specific offer after a telephone conversation.

Talk about the essence of the offer already in the headline

You don’t have the task of coming up with the most creative headline of all time. But your task is to attract the attention of a person for whose problem you have a solution.

Here is the structure of the working header:

name the product

tell me who it’s for

what is its highlight?

For example, “English language courses for avid travellers: in 2 months, learn to speak English fluently and understand foreign speech.”

Use numbers in headings and texts

Numbers make your offer more specific and more compelling. Here is how you can use this trick:

provide data as a percentage (after training, you will increase income by at least 40% compared to the results of the last year)

multiple data (after training, the sales manager will learn to make 10 times more calls)

crowd effect (10 major entrepreneurs have already completed this training and received results)

time (launch your own online course 3 months after the start of training)

The method works even better if you use 2 numbers. For example, “15 minutes of classes a day – and you will speak English fluently in a month.”

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