How to Use Aha Software to Promote Cross-functional Product Development

Product development is the most exciting aspect of any project but most teams fail to utilize the proper resources and turn it into a stressful job. When teams are not collaborating efficiently, the project manager has to be the one working double time. Frantically requesting updates to create a complete timeline for the stakeholders can be challenging. This wastes precious time and also puts a damper on the team’s motivation. With Aha software

it is possible to create a culture of cross-functioning so everyone knows what they are building towards and has the necessary details for work.

The secret to creating successful products is cross-functioning product development. It goes beyond creating a complete roadmap or defining job roles and descriptions. The team should be able to support every aspect of the project and understand what role they are playing in the project. Aha software helps maintain accountability amongst all departments so they can all work together in a much more efficient manner.

Even if the company does not have a dedicated product team in place, they can collaborate and contribute to the product. When groups are no longer working out of silos it is easier to come up with a concept that resonates with the end-user. This article outlines some ways a cross-functional team can help the company and how Aha pricing makes it the best option for throwing out siloed setups.

Disadvantages of Silos

Most employees report ambiguity in perception and the unwillingness to let go of bad ideas as some of the drawbacks of not implementing cross-departmental collaboration. It can also lead to duplicate tasks because one team does not have visibility into the other one’s tasks. There are also fewer opportunities to brainstorm which can lead to the company missing out on good ideas or valuable suggestions.

Limited cross-functionality means the department has little to no consideration for the impact any action has on other groups. The stakeholders will also be unaware of their teammate’s progress with ambiguity on the details. It takes a lot longer to complete the pending tasks when there is no collaboration.

Most companies get trapped by these limitations and continue to release products that add no value to the user’s life. It can be difficult to accept the blame especially when you have worked hard to meet deadlines. However, all these issues can be avoided with collaboration through Aha best project management software.

How to Advocate Cross-Functionality

It is important to promote a culture that facilitates collaboration because only then will the company be able to create a formal product team. It is up to the leaders to take on this task and they should use some reference points when making an argument for the cross-functional team. The managers might have to convince the board and they need to share details on how the new measures can introduce change.

A product team typically comprises representatives from all the core departments including marketing, sales, engineering, customer, and support. Even if these suggestions are not accepted, there should be some awareness regarding the contributions to product development each group can make. Listed below are some of the most convincing reasons for creating a product team.

Reasons to Have a Cross-functional Product Team

Strategy Building

A delay is likely to happen when people have no clarity on the priority level of tasks. They will have to halt work and shift their focus in another direction midway which can be frustrating. Aha software can help create a strategy that helps prioritize the most important tasks. The product team acts as the enforcer of that strategy and they make sure all functional groups are working towards a single goal.

Customer-centered Approach

It is human nature to protect your interests however the product team is organized to keep the customer experience above everything else. They will be curating a value stream and developing a product that has multiple benefits. Whenever an issue arises, this approach can help redirect attention back to the common goal instead of wasting time on competitors.

Innovation Potential

The team will be more open to new ideas when all departments are collaborating on the project. For true innovation, it is necessary to have the right intention in terms of processes. Aha pricing includes features that help design a workflow that creates the desired output. The people from different departments will be working towards a goal that will lead them to build creative concepts.

Faster Iterations

Each department will have its own list of priorities since they are all making efforts toward separate milestones. The product team has the shared objective to make it easier to remove bottlenecks and pivot whenever needed. They keep the company more flexible and help identify any resources or skilled labor that is needed to complete the job. Open communication can help groups get in touch and come together to resolve issues.


When teams are working out of silos they fail to consider that employees with different skillsets can also offer solutions. Although the objective is to reduce the number of meetings the employees have to sit through, there are some advantages of all groups being asked to contribute to the discussion. Aha cost covers all functions that help everyone stay connected and pitch in ideas or advice whenever the team is dealing with an internal or external challenge.

Team Satisfaction

There is real happiness in collaboration because team members get a chance to bond and learn from each other. If you are part of the product team then you can interact with personnel from different parts of the company. This way all departments get equal visibility and can invest in the business goals. This leads to greater employee satisfaction and promotes a better company culture. The incentive of teams working together can add value to the company too.


Although teamwork is not the only thing that matters it is important to build a strategy for product development. When there are enough tools that help teams focus such as Aha software it can be much easier to prioritize with practical considerations.

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