How To Start Teaching Kids Math At Home?


The importance of math subject becomes important ever since the students set their first step in school. Gradually they understand that math has way more scope in real life other than just studying in books and notebooks. But it is not the sole responsibility of the schools and educational institutes to guide your child in math. Parents also need to pay serious attention to the progress of their kids in their studies, especially in math. One good thing is that if the concepts of math are brushed up in the initial days of schooling with the help of teachers and parents, then the pathway for math becomes way easier.

Teaching simple math to kids is no rocket science. Yes, but the problem may arise if the parents have forgotten the basic concepts of math (just kidding). Still, parents too need to be updated with the latest curriculum and change the pattern of education in the current scenario. For this, many online classes are available on the internet that helps kids and their parents to learn new and basic concepts about math. Also, these websites can act as a guide to parents in the direction of educating their children at home.

Start Counting Everything

Children should be able to recognize numbers. Numbers are the roots of mathematics. Teach them numbers in as many possible ways. Forward counting, backward counting, jumbled counting. Mathematical operations are secondary but when kids hold a strong grip on the numbers, it builds confidence in the children and also it becomes easier for them to move forward to perform different operations.

Involve Kids With you in Daily Calculations

Do not overburden them with complex calculations like planning a monthly budget. But involving them in simple daily life math operations like dividing the fruits equally among the siblings, ask them to keep 10 lemons in a box and 5 in another box and count them together. Then from the box of 10 lemons ask them to remove 7 and let them analyze how many are left. This way children can learn math in a playful manner.

Buy Them Traditional Games-Abacus and Flashcard

With the rise of the technology-oriented learning process, kids learn new creative methods to learn the concepts and tricks to solve questions easily. In fact, the QuestMath classes and similar ones open the mind of kids and allow them to see math learning through a different lens. But apart from all these, children should also learn traditional math games like the abacus and flashcards. There are two reasons behind it. First, those visual memories are the strongest and everlasting memories. Second, children will learn math in a colorful manner, hence enjoying it.

Manage Their Online Learning

Like as already mentioned above, the parents can visit online platforms like YouTube or subject matter experts to get familiar with the latest curriculum for the children. It might also be possible that parents lack the skill of teaching; therefore they can also sit with the children in the classes and take guidance on how the teachers are trying to teach the concepts to the children. Later after the classes, during homework time, parents can use some strategies to teach math to the students.

Parents should not panic or take teaching kids at home as a burden. Teaching kids at home is not a tough job. Rather it is fun and also it opens the doors to knowledge on both sides.


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