How to start a new Multi-Service Business with App Like Gojek in Nigeria 2022?


Gojek clone In Nigeria has turned around the tables for single service apps that were playing the monopoly in the market. Giants like Uber, Deliveroo, GrubHub, or StyleSeat have already earned their fair share of the market! Now, nobody wants ten different apps for 10 individual services like food ordering, booking a taxi, connecting with tutors, sending the parcels, hiring a beautician, and so on. In 2022, even the users want to save space on their phones and rather fill it with captured memorable moments than install different apps!

It is a super app that has everything that your customers could wish for! Gojek clone app is a digital platform with 82+ services for users to choose from. Now, you may want to know what it takes to start an online multi-service business. Well, here is how:


Want to build the app from scratch or do you love to take a shortcut to success?

The first question that an entrepreneur must ask themselves is whether they want to build the app from scratch or are willing to take the shortcut to success? What is the shortcut? Well, it is – purchasing the complete clone app script package, getting the apps white-labeled under the company’s name & logo, and launching them.

Taking up the shortcut primarily has two benefits – it saves money plus takes only 1 – 2 weeks to launch the application on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Won’t that make your life less stressful when it comes to establishing a business?

Comparing the pros and cons of whether to build the Gojek clone from the ground up and purchase the app, I’ll say go for the latter option because:

  • You won’t have to manage the project.
  • You’ll get excellent after-sales support and maintenance.
  • The entrepreneur can focus purely on business operations and not on testing the code.
  • The entrepreneur can rebrand the app as they want to – add their preferred language, currency, payment gateway, and even change the color theme of the app and website!

Choose who’d do the job best – a new team or the experts developing and launching apps for 10 years?

This app is a legit complex blend of design and code. When you purchase the Gojek clone script in Nigeria, you get the guarantee that a team of developers who have been doing the same job for about a decade now are behind the wheels. This means that the final product that will be launched with your company’s name and logo will be high in quality, robust, and developed with a world-class technology stack.

Whereas, hiring an entirely new team will bring a lot of ups and downs to the project such as:

  • Internal miscommunication
  • Lack of team playing
  • Trust issues
  • Less interaction and engagement
  • Personality conflict

Which white-labeling firm to hire?

Entrepreneurs have a lot of confusion regarding who they should hire. As already said, the Gojek clone script is complex, therefore, one needs to find a firm that has launched over a thousand applications!

I’d recommend taking a look at this checklist before you shake hands and confirm a deal with any white-labeling firm.

  • They must have a free demo app for trials.
  • The firms should have an industry experience of 10 years.
  • The firm must follow a strict privacy policy and NDA.
  • They must share the Scope Document before asking for the payment.
  • They should zip and send you the lifetime licensed source code for one domain!


Earning easy and quick cash is no more a dream if you are ready to dedicate yourself to establishing a multi-dollar billion empire. Launch the Gojek clone app in Nigeria and see yourself standing at the top of the world!

Take the first bold step today and connect with the experts!

By Arslan Hussain

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