How to Repair A Shirt

Repair A Shirt

I have a very favorite shirt. It is my go-to in the morning and it gets worn often, which means I need to be careful that it is in good condition and doesn’t lose its shape or color. But over time, it has started to wear out more and more with normal wear.

So I decided to learn how to repair my favorite shirt! It’s not difficult at all and the return on investment is huge. You can find the step by step tutorial here:

What you need:

-Tape or Clover Wonder Clips
-Ironing board and iron
-Hair dryer
– Sewing Needle and Thread

Press Before Repair

Iron the shirt to remove wrinkles before fixing any rips or stains.

Look for Rips

Look for rips under the collar and in the front of your shirt first. Place a piece of tape over the rip (or Clover Wonder Clips if your rip is larger). Iron to make sure it’s nice and flat. Then grab your sewing needle, which should have been ready from step 1, and some thread. Make sure the thread color is a close match to the shirt, and thread through the needle. Wiggle it around in the seam a little bit, so that it doesn’t get stuck. Then push the thread about 2 inches in on each side of the rip.

Sew Any Rips or Tears

Thread the needle using a double knot, just like you would if you were going to sew a buttonhole. Carefully sew over the tape or clips using small stitches. Be sure to catch the needle in the other side of the shirt or else your rip will be visible from the outside. If you are not familiar with sewing, it is simple to learn. Use a sewing tutorial from one of the many sites on the internet.

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Fix Stains

Stains are probably a bigger pain to deal with. Typically, if you’ve got a stain on your shirt and it’s not fresh, you’ll need to bleach it. You can use normal bleach, but I prefer using OxiClean instead since it really gets rid of all the stains. For hair grease or oil stains, I recommend using baby wipes.

Wait for the stain to be removed, and then iron the shirt again. If you’re lucky, you probably won’t have to do any patchwork. However, if you do have any patches left to fix, stick some tape over the hole or stain and iron it flat again. Then grab your needle that you’ve already been using and sewed up a few rips with (but make sure it’s clean) and some thread. Take small stitches like before.

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Replace the shirt while the stain is still wet. Once the stain has dried, you can either put it in the dryer to set before washing again or you can wash and dry your shirt as usual.

Repairing a tear in clothing isn’t always necessary (or even possible) but it sure is worth a try. It’s not difficult at all and I’m going to go out and get new shirts now! 🙂

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