How to Recover Data From iPhone Without Backup?

Recover Data From iPhone

iPhone devices are one of the most popular and widely used mobile devices in today’s technology. Many smartphone users prefer using iPhone because of its high-quality camera, large storage capacity, and other amazing features. The large storage capacity allows you to store a lot of data like contacts, text messages, call history, videos, and even apps like WhatsApp and more. 

Ever wondered what if the data stored on your iPhone gets deleted? Usually, such instances occur after upgrading to iOS 13 or 14. So, if you want to know how to recover data from iPhone without backup, keep reading this article. 

Can I Retrieve iPhone Data without Backup?

Yes, you can recover the data deleted from your iPhone without any backup. But trying some manual method for iPhone data recovery might not give your such a result. In such cases, you can use some third-party tool to get your data back. 

If you are unable to find any lost or missing data in your iPhone, you might have accidentally deleted or hidden them. Sometimes, these files are just lost after a factory reset. Actually, the data that you are unable to find after factory reset/deletion are still on your iPhone. Such files are actually transferred from the “Allocated” to the “Unallocated” folder. 

These lost files are deleted only when you create new files in the “Unallocated” space. Therefore, you can use the third-party tool to access the iOS data and recover deleted iPhone data without any backups. In the next section of this article, we’ll help you to know different methods to recover your lost iPhone data without backup. Let’s start!

Recover iPhone Data After a Factory Reset Without Backup

Among several free iPhone data recovery software – Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is the easiest and quick solution. It is the best option to restore lost iPhone data after an iOS update. You can use this iPhone data recovery tool to recover deleted files, like photos, videos, texts, contacts, etc. With this tool installed on your PC or Mac, you can recover data from iPhone, iCloud & iTunes.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone tool recovers lost or deleted iPhone data from all variants of iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. It also supports the recovery of data from encrypted iTunes backup files. This amazing tool is able to restore messages and attachments from various apps, like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Tango, and Kik messages & attachments. There is no need to reset or delete any data from your iPhone if you are using this software for recovery.

Given below are simple steps that you need to follow while using Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone:

Step 1: Launch the software and select the type of data from the list that you want to recover. Click the “Next” button.

Step 2: After that, the scanning process begins.

Step 3: Next, preview the found data and select the data that you want to recover. Click the Save button to save the data at the desired location on iPhone.

Quick Methods to Back Up Your iPhone Before Restore

Honestly speaking, the chances for you to recover data from your iPhone after a factory reset without a backup is quite low. To avoid such a situation, it is good to have back up your iOS device before you perform a factory reset. Moreover, keeping the backup of your iPhone on regular basis can help you to avoid accidental data loss.

Some popular methods to backup your iPhone photos, videos, and more are given below:

Method 01: Back Up iPhone with iCloud

iCloud allows you to back up your device to cloud storage. While using the iCloud backup, you need to follow certain steps that are given below: 

  • First of all, navigate to “Settings” > [your name] > “iCloud”.
  • Locate and click on the “iCloud Backup” option.
  • Toggle the button next to “iCloud Backup” and click “Back Up Now”.

Method 02: Backup iPhone to iTunes

You can use iTunes if you have to back up your device to a computer. iTunes allows you to access the iPhone backup directly from your computer. Apply the following steps to back up the iPhone to iTunes:

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable and trust the computer on the iOS device.
  • Wait for iTunes to launch automatically.
  • Click the “Device” icon and choose “Back Up Now”.


Sometimes, an iOS update in your iPhone may delete your data from it. In such cases, you can restore the lost iPhone data using iCloud backups or iTunes. If you want to know how to recover data from iPhone without backup, you can use third-party software like Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone. The software can help you to recover all data lost after an iOS update. You can download the free version of this software and save the recovered iPhone data at the desired location.

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