How To Play Music Via Bluetooth In Windows 10

Turn on Bluetooth

If you want to know how to play music on your Windows PC through Bluetooth, then keep reading to find the answer. 

While playing music we all want to have a nice experience by connecting other devices. These devices allow us to increase the volume of the song or provide us with a lot of other functions. If you are facing troubles in playing music via Bluetooth, then you have come to the right spot. Not being able to connect Bluetooth devices with your PC is a very common problem; this occurs because the Bluetooth device drivers in your computer are either damaged or out-of-date. 

To resolve this issue Microsoft launched a new version of Windows 10 in 2020 where they have added back the Bluetooth A2DP Sink functionality. This feature now allows the users to enhance their experience by connecting their Windows 10 computers with smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets, mice, keyboards, etc. 

You can also download different kinds of best Bluetooth software, which will allow you to detect, choose, and connect the devices wirelessly with your PC. This article will help you out with the different issues while connecting devices as well as it will provide you with some Bluetooth software in the market.

Play Music Wirelessly on PC Through Different Devices

You can connect your smartphone with a PC wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth. Other devices such as speakers, earphones/headphones, etc. can also play music by connecting your PC with them. To play music on PC from your phone you have to follow the steps given below:

Step1: Turn on the Bluetooth on both the devices

Turn on Bluetooth

Step2: Make both the devices discoverable

Step3: Connect both the devices to each other.

Step4: Open any music player on your smartphone and play any music

Step5: Go to the options and select “play via Bluetooth” on your phone

Step6: Click on the connect to PC option over there, automatically the music will play through your PC’s speakers.

In Windows previous versions, this cannot be done because there was no functionality to do so, but now Microsoft has introduced “Bluetooth APD2 Sink”. This functionality offers users to seamlessly enjoy their favorite music by playing it from their phone through their PC’s speakers with the help of Bluetooth. 

This feature helps you to turn your PC into a speaker. You have to download an application from the Microsoft store called “Bluetooth Audio Receiver” on your phone. This application will allow you to play music from your smartphone to your PC speakers.

Connect Your PC With Other Bluetooth Devices To Enhance The Experience

You can connect different kinds of Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, or earphones. These devices will help you enhance your music listening experience by providing you with better sound quality. To connect your Bluetooth devices with your PC you have to follow these steps:

Step1: Turn on the Bluetooth on both the devices (PC and on the other device(s))

Step2: Make both the devices discoverable to each other

Step3: Click on the “add new devices” on your PC in the Bluetooth section

Add new devices

Step4: Choose the other device from the list

Step5: After clicking on the button “Connect” your device will automatically connect with your PC.

Best Bluetooth Programs That Runs On Windows 10

Bluetooth Driver Installer

Bluetooth Driver Installer is among the best drivers for Bluetooth, which allows you to connect your PC with other devices via Bluetooth within seconds. This software makes a protected restore point that allows users to store their changes and can access them if there is anything wrong in between the process. While being so easy to use, this software connects your device with any kind of Bluetooth hardware or device. It is for free for Windows users which makes it the best choice.

Intel Wireless Bluetooth

This Bluetooth software detects and connects your PC with other Bluetooth devices very effortlessly. Intel Wireless Bluetooth comes with the latest functionalities and features, which allow you to resolve your connectivity problems via Bluetooth. It could be considered as one of the handiest software for Windows 10 and it also supports multiple wireless adapters.


BlueSoleil is developed by IVT Group Inc., which offers any PC working on Windows 10 to connect numerous Bluetooth devices within the range like keyboards, mice, wireless headsets, speakers, smartphones, etc. It is capable of providing many different Bluetooth functions such as dual-mode dongles, object push profile, proximity, health thermometer, wireless audio, video calls, etc. It has a user-friendly interface, having 17 different languages; this is what makes BlueSoleil among the most popular Software for Bluetooth connectivity.

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software

WIDCOMM is again one of the best Bluetooth software in the market for Windows 10 computers. Like other software WIDCOMM also allows you to connect your PC with other Bluetooth devices nearby. This software was made by Broadcom company and comes with powerful integration and diagnostic features. It provides the functionality of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) devices for a wider range. An automatic process will be given to the user who does not have any human intervention while connecting with the devices within the range.


After some recent updates Microsoft made Windows 10 an easy-to-use operating system and it provides you with a user-friendly experience. It overcomes most of the problems faced by the users in Windows 8 and provides monthly updates. As per this article, the Windows 10 OS is very versatile, which allows you to play songs through Bluetooth by connecting it with various devices.

If you are facing Bluetooth connectivity issues you can download and install any of the Bluetooth software given above. This article covered all the aspects related to Bluetooth connectivity like connecting playing songs on PC via phone, PC, and other Bluetooth device connectivity and the best software in the market.

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