How to Perform Netgear Router Setup Using PC?

An internet connection has become a necessity in contemporary times. However, to access the internet on your computer, you need a router. That is where Netgear comes into play. Being one of the best brands out there, Netgear offers reliability. To access the internet, you need to perform a Netgear router setup by accessing the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard.

This article covers basic steps that you can follow to complete the Netgear router setup. Without beating the bush, let’s roll further. Make sure you read every point in great detail to not miss out on anything. Keep reading.

Netgear Router Setup: Steps Before Starting Setup


Before you start the Netgear router setup using a PC, you must unbox the router. A router is a delicate box. So, make sure you remove it with utter sincerity and care. Also, get every part of the router and assemble it.

Even before unboxing, you should handle it with extreme care. A little damage could lead to a major issue that will affect the overall internet speed.


Connect the power cable to the Netgear router so that it powers on. Also, further connect the router with the modem to have access to the internet. You need to ensure that connections are tight and working properly.

The power cable should be connected to a power source. Be aware that the button is turned on so that the Netgear router gets the power supply.

Web Interface Steps For Netgear Router Setup

Open Web Browser

After you are done with the initial setup, turn on your PC and open a web browser. You can choose any from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari. While choosing a web browser, you must check whether it is updated or not. If not, update it to the latest version.

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Enter URL

Once the web browser opens, perform an online search. For that, enter in the address bar of the web browser. Do not commit any spelling mistakes. Also, check whether the Caps Lock keys are off or on. After entering the URL, press the Enter key and wait for it to load.

Note: If you can’t access the Netgear website via URL, feel free to enter the IP address. Thus, enter in place of the URL and press Enter.

Put Default Login Credentials

A Netgear router login page appears after pressing the Enter key. To move further, you need to enter the login details. In case you are doing the Netgear router setup for the first time, you should use default login credentials.

To know your default login credentials, read the manual provided with the Netgear router. Click the Log In button after entering the login credentials.

Access Netgear Genie Setup Wizard

After successful login into the Netgear account, you get access to the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard. It is also known as the Basic Home screen from where you get access to the router.

This portal plays a major role that comes in handy to access the Netgear router.

Follow On-Screen Instructions

To complete the Netgear router setup, you need to follow the onscreen instructions that appear after you log in. Provide the information that is asked in the onscreen instructions to complete the setup without any hassle.

Congratulations! You finalized the Netgear router setup and can now access the internet without any issue.

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Performing a Netgear router setup could be quite hectic. Therefore, you should be utterly conscious of what you are doing. It removes any bugs to ensure you get access to a blazing fast internet connection.

The above-mentioned method is done by using a PC. Therefore, all you need is a working PC and an internet connection.

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