How To Make a Daybed?

How To Make a Daybed

Who knew that DIY projects could be so soothing? The featured project this month will create the ideal chill zone: the outdoor daybed! Scroll down to see our comprehensive selection of DIY daybeds, which includes everything from beginner-friendly projects to more difficult ideas for the seasoned DIYer!

Re-purposed and up-cycled daybeds

The ideas below are excellent for DIY-curious crafters, Pinterest addicts, and op-shop treasure hunters!

Up-cycled pallet daybed

What can’t an old shipping pallet be used for?! This old industrial item makes a great DIY daybed base; just make sure the beams were strong enough to support your weight, sand off any splinters, inspect for rusty nails, and stain if necessary.

A new dream for an old bed

In addition, children’s beds are a very popular item that is always ultimately grown out of, and you may find some pretty stunning headboards at op-shops and council cleanups.

Why not breathe fresh life into them? Watch the guide to learn how to improve the back support of a make a daybed while also adding a stylish touch.

Just another Ikea hack

Without at least one Ikea hack, what would a DIY instructional round-up post be? This DIY daybed design makes use of a characteristic that every homeowner appreciates: storage! Simply start with Ikea’s storage cabinets, add a bed foundation for stability, put a mattress or cushioned mats on top, and you’ve got yourself a DIY resting area with built-in blankie storage.

Easy DIY daybed ideas

Looking to take your skillset to the next level? Here are a few tasks that require a bit more involvement…

Cinder blocks and timber beams

Step 1: To make the left-hand side of the daybed, glue just a few cinder blocks together.

Step 2: Repeat Step 1 for the right-hand side; allow both sides to cure before proceeding.

Step 3: Insert weight-bearing wood beams into cinder block top holes.

Step 4: Add pillows, yourself, and a cup of coffee on Sunday morning (or a drink of wine on Saturday night!).

Nothin’ to it but a few two-by-fours

The dependable two-by-four can give a fast and simple — yet elegant — daybed for your garden with a nail gun and a coat of paint! The complete video tutorial may be found here.

Experienced DIY daybed designs

If you’re looking for a more difficult project, consider one of these fantastic DIY daybed projects!

The grass is always greener

With this wonderful daybed design, you may relax amid beautiful flora! Build a solid base with a planter box headboard, then plant a lush carpet of genuine grass! For an extra-luxe vibe, consider a bed of Zoysia tenuifolia, sometimes known as ‘no-mow grass,’ depending on your environment and budget.

Feature woodwork design

A unique frame design with herringbone details is featured in this lovely woodworking project. This will take a little more time and effort, but the payoff will be well worth it!

Outdoor daybed with canopy

Is there anything more opulent than a four-poster canopy? With this DIY daybed design, you can create your backyard resort and relax in style!

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