How to Increase Your Site Conversions

Site Conversions

Is your site struggling to land conversions? Getting traffic to your site is difficult enough, but getting your audience to engage with your web pages can take even more work. Here are a few key ways to generate more traffic and optimize your site to increase conversion rate.

Check Search Relevancy

You might already be familiar with the basics of search engine optimization, but if not, begin familiarizing yourself with the keywords in your industry. Google uses the keywords you use in your site’s content and structure to rank your web pages for matching search inquiries. If you don’t keep track of the keywords that your content is ranking for, you may be accidentally ranking for irrelevant searches, leading to a higher bounce rate. Using a tool like Ubersuggest or Ahrefs, you can learn which keywords your competitors are ranking for and how attainable they are for your own site. Use these keywords to guide your content creation and update your web pages. Once this is done, it will be easier for the relevant audience to find your site.

Clear Landing Pages

If your site is optimized for SEO, you should be getting an audience to your site that’s more likely to convert. However, if your landing pages are not designed with your user in mind, your site can experience a high bounce rate. Landing pages include your homepage and any other important pages you want to direct visitors to, such as product and sign-up pages. There are many ways to optimize your landing pages, but the essential principle is that you send a clear and attention-grabbing message that encourages engagement. A prominent “Learn More” or “Register Now” button on your landing page will direct visitors to dive deeper into your website. The simpler your landing page looks, the better; you don’t want to overwhelm your site visitors with too much information right off the bat. A clear, attractive-looking landing page will produce a higher conversion rate.

Performance Optimization

If your site stores large amounts of user or company data, you may experience slow site speeds as you continue to grow. Updating hosting services can fix many of these issues that larger sites face. With services like VMware hosting, you can gain access to improved hosting resources that will maintain your data security and storage without sacrificing site speed and performance. Companies like Liquid Web offer cloud hosting solutions that “combine the benefits of a traditional public cloud with simple, predictable pricing and a streamlined management experience.” Services like these manage your entire site infrastructure and operating systems, so your site stays running smoothly and securely. If you’re planning for a large amount of growth, you may consider upgrading your hosting services, so you don’t experience any loss of business due to bandwidth.

New Content for Wider Audiences

Not only should your content be internally optimized for SEO, but your site should also hold a wide range of content relevant to your industry. If your site is primarily a company site with product pages, consider including a blog section and adding content related to your product and industry. Adding content like this will increase your site’s relevancy to search engines and your visitors. Diverse content can include infographics, videos, blog posts, and shareable guides. Producing unique content regularly will increase visits to your site, improve your rankings, and generate more conversions.

These are just a few ways to optimize your site to generate a higher conversion rate. Be sure to keep track of your site metrics and update your structure and content accordingly.

Remove unnecessary form fields

Have you ever had the intention of filling out an online form, just to scare away by too many required fields?

It’s one of the best ways to kill your conversion rate. Remove all unnecessary form fields, leaving only those that are essential to accomplishing your goal.

Back during my KISSmetrics days, we did a bunch of A/B testing on form fields within our signup form.

For each form field that we removed, signups grew by about 10%.

Obviously, you can take this too far.

If your sales team doesn’t get all the lead info that they need to follow up, your signups could be super high but your close rate will be trash. So find the right balance between getting the critical lead info while keeping fields to a minimum. Just make sure every field plays a critical role. If not, remove it.

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