How to hang vinyl letters on a ceiling without having bubbles in the vinyl letters

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A vinyl lettering project can be a difficult and time-consuming task.  It is not the vinyl letters themselves that take so much time but it is the installation of vinyl letters on a ceiling or wall that takes a lot of time.  So many people do not bother to install vinyl letters on a ceiling because they have failed at trying to hang vinyl letters from previous attempts.

In this article, I will show you how to install vinyl lettering without bubbles in vinyl lettering by following these steps:

Steps To Hang Vinyl Letters on a Ceiling without Bubbles in Vinyl Letters

These are the tools you will need for hanging vinyl letters on any surface:

  • Ruler (or something straight) 
  • Level (preferably digital or bubble level)
  • Scissors or vinyl cutting knife 
  • Marker
  • Sticky vinyl letters (of course!)
  • The first thing you will need to do is measure where you are going to hang the vinyl lettering.  You don’t want to start this project off by making mistakes because it will be too time consuming and you could end up ruining your vinyl lettering job.  Use a ruler to measure where you are going to hang the vinyl letters on the ceiling.   It’s important that if you are hanging vinyl lettering on a wall that is not flat that you use a level so that your vinyl letters are straight when they are being applied. If vinyl lettering is crooked, it will look sloppy.  Once you have measured where you are hanging vinyl lettering, mark it with a marker so that you know exactly where to place vinyl letters on the ceiling.
  • Now, take vinyl letters out of vinyl sheet and hold them up against your marks on the ceiling.   If vinyl lettering is not straight, you can use scissors or vinyl cutting knife (which I prefer) to cut vinyl letters off of vinyl sheet. It’s easier if vinyl lettering is taken off of vinyl sheet before placing them onto the wall because once vinyl letters are stuck onto surface they are difficult to remove without breaking some vinyl pieces. Using more stick tape does not actually help when trying to hang vinyl lettering on a wall or ceiling, in fact, it may even make your vinyl lettering job look worse.  You will also need to use vinyl-safe (water-based) solvent (preferably a spray vinyl solvent or this vinyl solvent pen) and vinyl cleaner solution to clean the wall before applying vinyl letters and vinyl numbers.
  • After you have removed vinyl letters from vinyl sheet, place them on ceiling where they are supposed to be.   Then, remove each vinyl piece one at a time and apply them onto the surface using roller or squeegee.  When applying vinyl lettering that says “&”, don’t forget to place an extra vinyl letter “/” after the first part of word “and”.  If you neglect putting in an extra vinyl letter “/”, vinyl lettering will not be read correctly.  This is very important so don’t forget to add vinyl letters “&” when applicable!
  • After vinyl lettering has been applied, take a credit card and gently push down vinyl so that vinyl letters are pushed flat against the ceiling or wall.   Now, you can check your vinyl lettering job by using a level or ruler to make sure that vinyl lettering is straight and in line with each other.  If everything looks good, give it some time for vinyl lettering to dry (about an hour or less).  Once vinyl lettering is completely dry, you can spray water onto the vinyl letters we just hung up on the ceiling and carefully remove them from ceiling without ripping vinyl letters.
  • To hang vinyl lettering on a ceiling, you will need vinyl lettering, vinyl transfer tape and a ladder. The first thing to do is lay out all of your vinyl pieces as they will be applied to the wall as this will give you an idea of how it should look when it is hanging. We suggest that you use vinyl pieces that are 1/2 inch tall for ceilings as this size does not overwhelm the room and gives you more words per line than smaller sized vinyl letters.
  • Once you have lay out and planned how you want your vinyl letters to look on your ceiling or walls, place one piece of vinyl at a time onto your mouth plate which will help provide an even placement during the hanging. The vinyl transfer tape will hold vinyl lettering pieces in place while you peel off the vinyl backing and apply it to your ceiling or wall.


Begin applying vinyl lettering, vinyl numbers or vinyl quotation marks one piece at a time starting from one corner using a plastic squeegee to ensure smooth application of vinyl pieces onto walls and ceilings. Once all vinyl letters have been applied allow vinyl transfer tape to dry for 24 hours before touching. This allows the vinyl adhesive time to set so that it does not get rubbed off on people’s clothing when they brush by your new vinyl lettering/quote/number decoration. Enjoy!

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