How to Get Your Child to Tidy Up?

How to Get Your Child to Tidy Up

Have you ever seen a single-family in which cleaning was not a real chore? And with child, let’s not even talk about it… Parents are always told to lead by example and make housework fun for their kids, but that’s obviously easier said than done. We’re here to help with some tips to get you started, or even just to give you some ideas!

1st game: the cleaners of the pub page!

No one likes to watch commercials on television, which are a necessary evil in today’s entertainment world. With this game, you should be able to put those short breaks to good use. Use the duration of the ads as a timer during which the children will go to clean defined areas, or will have to bring back a certain number of toys: it works even better if it is a show they love… They will be even more in a hurry to clean up, for fear of missing the restart of their episode!

Kids love it when there’s a bit of competition, especially when it comes to impressing their parents! You can use this to your advantage by incorporating cleaning challenges for them. Thus, they will think more of the competitive aspect than of the household itself, the goal not being that the little ones are frustrated at the end!

2nd game: The household dance!

This game is wreaking havoc in school classrooms all over the world, and if it works on an entire classroom, it can only work for you! Find a song your kids like and make it their household anthem. Invent a little choreography, do a little cleaning at the same time, and they will have tidied up without realizing it! If you want to spice it up, turn this moment into a race, the goal being to finish before the song ends.

Obviously, we can’t talk about ways to make your child happy while tidying up, without mentioning the annoying subject: pocket money. This is the simplest and most effective means of pressure, within reason: don’t go into debt to make your children appreciate cleaning! However, in some cases, the promise of a reward is not necessarily enough… This is why we recommend a combination of positive and negative, let us explain: by simply offering them “you will get this if you put away your toys”, it always gives them the option of doing nothing, and simply receiving nothing.

On the other hand, if you add “…and if you don’t, you won’t be able to do that”, then they are faced with a more difficult choice: do it, and receive a reward, or don’t. don’t do it and you’ll find yourself facing a punishment… Try it to see if adding the risk factor changes anything in the equation!

3rd game: The colored cleaners!

This game is great for younger kids who haven’t quite grasped the concept of tidying up yet. You can do this any way you want, but the main idea is very simple: ask them to find a toy of a certain color that’s out of order, and put it back in its place. For younger children, we suggest that you have them bring one object at a time so that you can check if it meets all the criteria before putting it away. This activity will help you tidy up the house while teaching colors to the little ones!

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Finally, the easiest way to lead by example is to avoid complaining about housekeeping as much as possible. Keep this in mind: if from a young age your children have heard you complaining constantly when you do housework (or just at the prospect of having to do housework), they will inevitably associate this negativity with their own feelings. towards this task. At the same time, can we blame them? The grown-ups seem to hate it, so it must be boring. We’re also not recommending that you whistle while working, but try to put the negativity aside at least when your kids are in the perimeter!

And there you have it, now you have all the keys to start making your children enjoy cleaning (at least a little bit!)

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