How to get started with Korean Fashion

The art of making an ordinary clothing piece into extraordinary style statements is a superior attribute of Korean Fashion. Joggers, blazers, pullovers, sweaters, sneakers, and skirts are basic staples of any wardrobe but here’s how you can make these items distinctive, gen-Zish, and very Korean.

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Turn it Street: Go for oversize

Street style refers to any genre-bending moves in a fashion that does not conform to rules. Korean fashion is mainly street style. So, how can you turn your sophisticated wardrobe to the street? Simply by going oversize. You’re used to buying a medium-sized hoodie? Go for a larger one. A tight-fitting shirt? How about an oversized top? These little changes will help evolve your style to the street.

Pair oversize with fits

Going oversize does not mean you fill your wardrobes with all things oversize. Korean Fashion is as street smart as it is street fashion. Pair an oversized hoodie with a fitting mini skirt or a long midi skirt with a fitting crop top.


Style inspiration for Pinterest
Credit: Style Nanda

Pretty dresses with solid tops

The norm around the world is wearing sleeveless dresses as sleeveless dresses. But in the world of Korean fashion, it is tucking a blouse inside the dress to accommodate modesty and layering. The trend popularized in the ‘90s is still a rage among K-pop celebrities including BlackPink, and Hyuna. It’s an easy way of styling a dress and a blouse in the Korean way.

Caption: Pinterest

Hats particularly a bucket hat

Adding basic hats is an easy and instant fashion hack. Pair beanies with pants, berets with pleated skirts, newsboy caps with well-tailored pants, and a baseball cap with any sporty look. However, the bucket hat is the ruling hat that is extremely popular among gen-Zs and perhaps the only hat accessory you need if your budget is limited. Get one in a neutral color, and don’t be afraid to top off your look

Picture: Pinterest

Blazers for power dressing

If you watch any Korean drama, then you are likely aware of how women CEOs and bosses dress up. It’s about well-tailored blazers, either solid or patterned. For starters, a black blazer is essential. Wear it over denim, skirts, or even biker shorts.

Comfort shoes: Sneakers

Whether you are dressed casually or for an evening, sneakers are comfortable shoes that are paired with most Korean fashion outfits. This one item is a go-to staple for streetwear and makes it a comfortable pull to trend setters. Pair it with skirts, blazers, or jeans, along with hats and you’ll have the look you’re aiming for. The only thing that matters is the shape of your sneakers. Chunky favors the bold.

Layering item: half sweater

If you have not noticed already, Koreans do the layerings with expertise that makes them style icons. Mixing and matching in their wardrobe is an art and unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with that skill. So an easy way to spice layering is to lay with solid half sweaters. A neutral-colored half sweater can be worn over a long sleeve shirt for an easy layered look.

This is your ultimate guide to Korean Fashion and with these above-mentioned items you can really pull off your new look. Don’t forget to always use a coupon code on shopping online, install CouponBot, an automatic coupon code finder and get access to coupon codes such as  Carrefour Promo Code and bag the best deals no matter where you are or what you want to be.

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